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Rick Fox, founder of esports brand Echo Fox recently went on The Richard Lewis show to share all on the recent issues that have plagued the brand and led to what may be irreparable damage. He discussed what led to the problem, how it’s been handled, and what the future may hold.

You can get caught up with all of that here.

I’d like to focus this article on an important message, whether it’s in sports, business, a relationship, or whatever situation you may experience or be experiencing turmoil in.

Hardships come, sometimes it seems like the end of the road, and sometimes it looks like where you’re at is where you’ll stay – but looks can be deceiving.

Yes it’s a clich√© that you could hear from many who have achieved greatness, but sometimes an after the fact screw up in a scene you’re passionate about can have more impact.

“I had seasons in the NBA where we won 15 games and lost 67 games, but I still at some point won three championships in the NBA. This isn’t going to stop me from pursuing a life in esports,” Fox said.

In the face of an apparent defeat, a battle lost, Rick Fox says I’ve been here before in a different arena. Setbacks come in all avenues of life but they don’t stop you from moving forward and they don’t mean you have to quit.

Not everything you put effort into pays off immediately, or even after a few months or years. Sometimes you have to start over completely in order to achieve your goal.

Fox has been through a lot over his tenure with Echo Fox, but his life has taught him sometimes you lose it all and sometimes you win it all.

A horrendous season or two won’t stop you from hoisting the trophy in the end. Keep going and maybe you’ll add three to the cabinet.

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