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The Chinese LPL returned for its Summer Split this weekend and the fight for the most competitive region in League of Legends is on. Results wise, the first three days went on as expected and the matches went in the higher ranked teams’s favor.

The LPL so far: a TL;DR recount

  • FunPlus Phoenix got revenge on JD Gaming for the spring split semifinals. It was a dominant performance from Phoenix, winning game 1 with 17-2 kill scoreline and game 2 with a 25-5 one. JDG’s star top laner Zoom struggled on the Rift and couldn’t be the winning element for his team.
  • It’s still early to say but EDward Gaming might’ve solved their jungler problems. After Haro left the team and with Clearlove also having many moments of weakness in spring, former academy player Jiejie showed up big for EDG in their win against Dominus, putting a 9/2/10 cumulative KDA score on Olaf across two games.
  • Uzi won the highlight ADC match-up against Mystic, as RNG blasted WE 2-0.
  • Suning locked in a Sona/Tahm Kench bot lane and actually won with it. Sona/Taric has been the standard double support composition since the LCS popularized it, but Suning somehow pulled off a Tahm Kench variation too.
  • Invictus Gaming looked shaky in their opening game, but won against Dominus Esports 2-1 nonetheless. iG turned around game 1 from a massive deficit, and closed it in the third series after an oppressive 94% kill participation Jarvan IV from Ning took over the game.

Next on LPL Summer

  • BLG vs. FPX promises to be a great match on Friday. FPX will want to have as good a start as last split and BLG probably don’t want to finish 9th again — one spot away from playoffs.
  • EDG vs. JDG is the other highlight match of the week. EDG are looking great with their new jungler, while Flawless really struggled in JDG’s loss to Phoenix.
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