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“The two highest-ranked teams from each group advance to Play-In Knockouts, where the first-place teams from each group are paired with second-place teams from another. These matches will determine the 4 Play-In teams that move on to the Group Stage.”

G2 Esports (EU LCS) vs Infinity Esports (LLN)

Game 1
Picks and Bans:

Infinity Esports continue their trend of causing upsets

Despite their miracle win versus Edward Gaming that put them in a position to make the Knockout stage of the Play-Ins, no one expected Infinity to be able to stand much of a chance versus G2 Esports. Even though G2 didn’t look great on their first day of the Play-In they had a commanding second day as they went 3-0. For Infinity, the desk thought that their carries would not be able to show up against powerhouses like Perkz and Wunder. In the draft, Infinity allowed the Aatrox through so they could secure Urgot and Alistar. This allowed the Tahm Kench power pick to be put into the hands of Wadid. It turned out Infinity’s plan was to create a strong tank composition to stand in front of Renyu on Tristana. For G2, their composition seemed more focused on picking off a member.

As the game played out, Wunder’s Aatrox put Relic’s Poppy extremely behind in CS in lane. Similarly, Perkz was able to pressure Cotopaco in the mid lane. However, Infinity was undaunted as they instead focused their attention on putting the bottom lane behind. Two successful ganks on that lane allowed to give Renyu the tools to gain power. The tank bodies and smart team fighting on the side of Infinity allowed to secure a turret lead and multiple drakes. It would prove worrisome for them as Relic continued to suffer in the side lane versus Wunder. But thanks to a teamfight where Renyu got a triple kill, Infinity were able to secure a baron. Unfortunately, they were a little impatient and botched a turret dive in at the bottom inner turret. Ultimately, it would be a won fight at Elder Drake that would allow Infinity to take the game and the series lead 1-0.


G2 Esports: 11/10/28

Wunder: 6 KDA w/ 430 cs
Jankos: 8 KDA w/ 192 cs
Perkz: 8 KDA w/ 428 cs
Hjarnan: 2.7 KDA w/ 381 cs
Wadid: 2.25 KDA w/ 64 cs

Infinity Esports: 10/11/29

Relic: 1 KDA w/ 271 cs
SolidSnake: 9 KDA w/ 215 cs
Cotopaco: 4 KDA w/ 317 cs
Renyu: 10 KDA w/ 405 cs
Arce: 2.25 KDA w/ 81 cs

Winner: Infinity Esports

Game 2
Picks and Bans:

G2 recover from their game one stumbling with a commanding victory

Infinity Esports decided to deviate from their game one win condition as they picked more aggressive composition. This time around, they once again allowed Hjarnan to have Kai’Sa but instead of picking Tristana – they opted into the Kog’Maw counter pick. On the side of G2, they stuck with their pick oriented composition playing Malzahar and Camille.

Similar to game one, Perkz and Wunder put Cotopaco and Relic behind with their superior lane prowess and with the assistance of Jankos. But Jankos’ presence was most felt in the bottom lane as the G2 lineup was able to abuse the lack of escapes on the Kog’Maw. Unlike the first game, Infinity Esports superior teamfight skills could not be used as a point of power as G2 was too far ahead in both gold and map pressure. After a failed attempt to 2 v 1 Wunder in the bot lane by Relic and SolidSnake, G2 were able to secure the baron and tie up the series 1-1.


Infinity Esports 2/12/5

Relic: 0 KDA w/ 220cs
SolidSnake 0.6 KDA w/ 140cs
Cotopaco 0.5 KDA w/ 203cs
Renyu 2 KDA w/ 229cs
Arce: 0.6 KDA w/ 55cs

G2 Esports: 12/2/19

Wunder: 5 KDA w/ 273 cs
Jankos: 7 KDA w/ 122 cs
Perkz: 7 KDA w/ 286 cs
Hjarnan: 7 KDA w/ 245 cs
Wadid: 5 KDA w/ 30 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 3
Picks and Bans:

Despite a commanding late game, G2 Esports looks shaky into Infinity

Once again, it feels like Infinity Esports refused to stick to the win condition they had in game one as they put Cotopaco on a carry and try the Relic Aatrox into Wunder Urgot matchup. This time, Infinity Esports tries the Lovers Duo into the the G2 bot lane of Kai’Sa and Alistar. Overall, Infinity did try to replicate some of their power with having a superior teamfight team with Skarner for pick potential. G2 Esports composition was more of a 1-3-1 team.

Unlike game two, Infinity had a much better laning phase as Cotopaco and SolidSnake linked up for repeated successful ganks on Perkz. However, for third game in a row Relic proved to be a power vacuum in the top side of the map as he was unable to lane against Wunder. On the opposite of the rift, Hjarnan – who is traditionally a power vacuum for G2 – has shown that he has been able to really develop a strong mastery of Kai’Sa. After Infinity were able to make two picks in the mid lane, their attempt to go for baron proved disastrous. Despite being able to get the nashor, all but Cotopaco were routed in the resulting teamfight. From there, the momentum truly went in the favor of G2 as the triple kill at baron by Hjarnan gave the Kai’Sa the lead needed to put G2 in the driver’s seat and take the series lead 2-1.


G2 Esports: 24/15/56

Wunder: 3 KDA w/ 381 cs
Jankos: 8.5 KDA w/ 291 cs
Perkz: 1.2 KDA w/ 328 cs
Hjarnan: 18 KDA w/ 386 cs
Wadid: 19 KDA w/ 73 cs

Infinity Esports: 15/24/34

Relic: 1 KDA w/ 319 cs
SolidSnake: 1.43 KDA w/ 182 cs
Cotopaco: 2.6 KDA w/ 366 cs
Renyu: 3.67 KDA w/ 453 cs
Arce: 2.5 KDA w/ 17 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 4
Picks and Bans:

G2 capitalize on a mistake by Infinity and win the series 3-1

Infinity returned to the strategy of their first game and ran a tanky team composition to protect their Kai’Sa and Irelia. For G2, their composition felt like it had its fingers in a lot of pies with picks like Jihn, Ryze in the top lane, Taliyah jungle and Leblanc in the mid lane. Based on compositions alone, it seemed that a composition focused on team fighting for Infinity would give them the victory over G2.

And for most of the early to mid game, Infinity’s path to victory seemed to be set in stone. For once, Relic was not losing lane to Wunder and Cotopaco was able to have an even laning phase against Perkz. The bottom lane was a different story, as Hjarnan on Jihn was able to bully Renyu’s Kai’Sa. When the teams faced off in team fights, the strengths of the Urgot paired with the Taric ult allowed Infinity to accrue a lead. Unfortunately, overconfidence and the lead of Hjarnan proved disastrous for Infinity as a late game teamfight routed the side of Infinity and with death timers so high, G2 were able to take the victory in a close series.


G2 Esports 18/14/47

Wunder: 14 KDA w/ 436 cs
Jankos: 2.5 KDA w/ 203 cs
Perkz: 7 KDA w/ 287 cs
Hjarnan: 13 KDA w/ 474 cs
Wadid: 2.3 KDA w/ 78 cs

Infinity Esports: 14/18/36

Relic: 3.33 KDA w/ 329 cs
SolidSnake: 3 KDA w/ 213 cs
Cotopaco: 1.6 KDA w/ 353 cs
Renyu: 3.33 KDA w/ 325 cs
Arce: 3.33 KDA w/ 81 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

G-Rex (LMS) vs SuperMassive Esports (TCL)

Game 1
Picks and Bans:

Zeitnot goes massive with a Pentakill in his game one victory

Coming into this serious, G-Rex was looking like the second best team in the Play-Ins. On the other side of the rift, SuperMassive looked like they were slumping. Despite starting the Play-Ins 2-0, they finished 3-3; going 1-3 on the second day. The desk prediction was in favor of G-Rex with many thinking they could take the series 3-0. In the draft phase, SuperMassive had an ace up their sleeve as the picked up Kai’Sa for Zeitnot. Previously, Zeitnot had shown a preference for Varus and Ashe, opting into a utility role. The rest of his team focused on engage and peel. On the side of G-Rex, they also had a strong teamfight comp with Cassiopeia and Xayah for damage.

In the early to mid game, it looked like G-Rex were going to fulfill the prophecy as they had a dominant laning phase. But a won team fight where Zeitnot was able to get a quadra allowed SuperMassive to get a baron. In the next team fight, Zeitnot put on a repeat carry performance in the bottom lane as he got a Pentakill and his team was able to get an inhibitor. After getting a dragon, he returned to the scene of the crime, got a triple, and secured his team their first win of the series.


G-Rex: 3/16/6

PK: 0.7 KDA w/ 246 cs
Empt2y: 1 KDA w/ 163 cs
Candy: 0.4 KDA w/ 278 cs
Stitch: 0.5 KDA w/ 314 cs
Koala: 0.5 KDA w/ 36 cs

SuperMassive Esports: 16/3/49

fabFabulous: 9 KDA w/ 252 cs
Stomaged: 6 KDA w/ 166 cs
GBM: 16 KDA w/ 302 cs
Zeitnot: 13 KDA w/ 316 cs
SnowFlower: 15 KDA w/ 22 cs

Winner: SuperMassive Esports

Game 2
Picks and Bans:

G-Rex capitalizes on late game mistakes to tie up the series

In the second draft, SuperMassive and GBM showed off their creativity with locking in Ahri. GBM’s Ahri has historically been a strong pick and with the new Glacial Augment build is very powerful. On the side of G-Rex, they picked away the Kai’Sa and filled out the rest of the team comp with powerful engage champions like Ornn, Leona, and Skarner. For SuperMassive, they secure the Lovers Duo of Xayah and Rakan in the bot lane and Nocture for a powerful dive engage jungler.

In the beginning of the game, it seemed that game two was going to repeat the history of game one. This time around, SuperMassive played through the top lane as they secured a two kill lead for fabFabulous on Urgot. For the better part of the game, SnowFlower and GBM linked up for massive teamfight initiations that allowed SuperMassive to win team fight after team fight and take repeated drake and two barons. However, SuperMassive’s impatiance and overaggression would prove fatal as the power of the long range engage on the side of Leona and Ornn allowed G-Rex to punish them. After two won team fights in the late game, G-Rex were able to secure the turn around victory and tie up the series 1 to 1.


SuperMassive: 13/17/35

fabFabulous: 2.25 KDA w/ 269 cs
Stomaged: 1.4 KDA w/ 210 cs
GBM: 4 KDA w/ 280 cs
Zeitnot: 4.5 KDA w/ 400 cs
SnowFlower: 3.7 KDA w/ 11 cs

G-Rex: 17/13/48

PK: 2.4 KDA w/ 221 cs
Empt2y: 6 KDA w/ 168 cs
Candy: 14 KDA w/ 283 cs
Stitch: 7 KDA w/ 443 cs
Koala: 4.3 KDA w/ 61 cs

Winner: G-Rex

Game 3
Picks and Bans:

Koala’s Morganna proves too powerful for SuperMassive

Heading into this game three, despite the throw in the previous game, the desk felt that SuperMassive was looking like the superior team. Not only was their macro looking stronger, but it seemed as though across the lanes that the players on SuperMassive were performing better than the G-Rex roster.

Heading into the draft, G-Rex continued their strategy to pinch Zeitnot’s carry potential and keep SnowFlower off of his Rakan power pick. The team composition they selected themselves a strong engage composition with Morganna for Koala to counter the early Alistar and Gragas picks on the side of SuperMassive. For SuperMassive, their team composition would be no slouch in team fights with a really strong tank line complimented with Akali for GBM and Zeitnot on Lucian.

In the early game, Stomaged was able to outfarm and counter jungle Empt2y’s Zac and generate a small gold lead for the side of SuperMassive. In the mid lane, GBM was able to do the same, as Candy’s Irelia struggled to farm against the Akali. However, in the bottom lane, Koala’s Morganna proved to be a thorn in SnowFlower’s side as multiple engages were snuffed by the Black Shield and was able to convert SnowFlower’s Headbutt in to Pulverize into an easy kill. The game was turned on its head early on when Stomaged and GBM botched a tower dive on Candy, giving him a double kill and neutralizing the lead that GBM had developed through CSing. Koala wasn’t only able to snuff out SnowFlower, as he was able to land a crucial Dark Binding on GBM in a team fight around the baron pit. With this pick, G-Rex was able to win the team fight and convert it into a nashor and the top outer turret. Baron allowed G-Rex to get a 7K gold lead and a second Mountain drake. A failed engage by SnowFlower in the mid lane, results in another won team fight on the side of G-Rex and with a second baron take, they’re able to take the lead in the series 2-1.


G-Rex: 18/12/41

PK: 4 KDA w/ 309 cs
Empt2y: 14 KDA w/ 151 cs
Candy: 2.5 KDA w/ 288 cs
Stitch: 5 KDA w/ 369 cs
Koala: 6 KDA w/ 26 cs

SuperMassive: 12/18/32

fabFabuluous: 4 KDA w/ 237 cs
Stomaged: 2.25 KDA w/ 202 cs
GBM: 3 KDA w/ 307 cs
Zeitnot: 2.25 KDA w/ 439 cs
SnowFlower: 1.8 KDA w/ 56 cs

Winner: G-Rex

Game 4
Picks and Bans:

PK’s use of the Ornn ultimate punches G-Rex’s ticket to the next stage of Worlds

After a disappointing game one of the series, G-Rex was able to show improvement as the series went on. Heading into match point of the series, the momentum was in their favor. For SuperMassive, it felt as though the wind was taken out of their sales after they threw away their lead in game two. If they wanted any chance to push the series to a game five they would need to find the magic from games one and two. In the draft, SuperMassive put together a strong teamfight composition with a good combination of damage and engage. On the other side of the rift, G-Rex went with a strong 1-3-1 composition with access to multiple semi global ultimates.

As the game played out, the SuperMassive from games one and two seemed to be a distant memory. PK’s performance on Ornn was pretty much a clinic as multiple Call of the Forge Gods dismantled the SuperMassive lineup; especially with getting the first blood on Stomage. Unfortunately, as in game three, Koala’s Morganna continued to be the Kryptonite of both SnowFlower and Zeitnot as repeated Black Shield’s snuffed out multiple strong engages. The desperation for another win on the board bleeded into SuperMassive’s play. In multiple plays, they forced a lot of plays that they didn’t need to try so hard on. These plays backfired and instead of getting SuperMassive a foothold in the game, instead created a lead for G-Rex. After a baron take and a successful team fight at Infernal drake, G-Rex was able to punch their ticket into the Main Stage of Worlds 2018.


SuperMassive: 9/20/21

fabFabulous: 1.7 KDA w/ 244 cs
Stomaged: 1.2 KDA w/ 138 cs
GBM: 1 KDA w/ 256 cs
Zeitnot: 1.75 KDA w/ 342 cs
SnowFlower: 2 KDA w/ 17 cs

G-Rex: 20/9/50

PK: 14 KDA w/ 225 cs
Empt2y: 7 KDA w/ 166 cs
Candy: 5.5 KDA w/ 369 cs
Stitch: 17 KDA w/ 311 cs
Koala: 3.5 KDA w/ 17 cs

Winner: G-Rex

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