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Teamfight Tactics had an incredible launch day on the PBE. With over 210,000 players tuning on Twitch on its first day, the LoL Auto Chess mode seems to so far be winning the battle in the autobattler genre.

Since it launched, TFT never really repeated the success it had on June 18. The peak viewership dropped from 212,000 to 120-140,000 over the weekend. Saturday, June 22, was also the lowest viewership day for TFT since launch with 124,800 peak viewers. The number of channels streaming the game has also decreased slightly and hasn’t again reached four figures since day 1.

Obviously, we can’t be certain yet about whether this will turn into a consistent downward trend, since it’s only been five days since TFT launch. What we can be certain though is that at least on Twitch, the game is destroying its competitors. Even though it hit 200,000 concurrent peak players over the weekend, Underlords has been struggling broadcast-wise and has been getting about 15-16K peak players. The original Dota 2 mod is having it even worse. With Underlords as its direct competition, Auto Chess hasn’t had a single day of over 2,000 peak viewers since Valve’s game entered open beta.

The ball is in Valve’s and Drodo’s courts, as Riot Games is seemingly in control for now. All Auto Chess versions will need to be strong both on Twitch and player base-wise if they want to dominate the space but so far, there isn’t one single game that does it all.

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