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Teamfight Tactics’ viewership has been increasing at a steady pace to the point it’s getting closer to dethroning the one true king of Twitch: Fortnite.

According to metrics website TwitchTracker, Teamfight Tactics’ viewership has grown 11.3% in the last seven days. If a week ago it was the third most watched game on Twitch, just behind its “big brother” League of Legends, now it has surpassed it and its closing in on No. 1.

These days, TFT draws an average viewership of 105K, which is only 6,000 below Fortnite’s 111K. Fortnite’s own viewership has also been dropping, which means that by this time next week, TFT might have climbed to being the most watched game on Twitch.

This wouldn’t be the first time Fortnite is dethroned. When it launched, APEX Legends skyrocketed to the top, carried by the army of streamers who promoted it, including leading personalities in the industry like Ninja and Shroud. TFT’s popularity also comes on the back of its big streamers, obviously, but at least for now, its viewership seems more stable. Riot’s own plans for the game include new features and new heroes to come with the next patches, as well as a $125,000 tournament — things that are likely to keep TFT if not growing in viewership than at least stable.

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