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It went for seven games in a row, but now Fnatic’s undefeated streak in the LEC is over. On Saturday, the leaders in the standings dropped their first best-of-1 this season, losing to Splyce in a game that went beyond the 40-minute mark with almost 40 kills on the board.

Marek “Humanoid” Brázda was the star for Splyce in that game for two reasons. One, he debuted Qiyana on the pro stage; and two, he went 12/3/7 with her, running away with the game and showing what League of Legends’ newest champion can do.

The game was far from a one-man show, however. Splyce’s Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir was excellent in the jungle, running a flawless 1/0/15 Jarvan IV, who had full map control throughout the entire game. Xerxe secured the first three dragons and Rift Herald for Splyce, which was a much needed macro advantage to stay in the game. For the majority of the mid game, Fnatic were ahead in gold, but losing the first Baron cost them all their 4K lead in the span of two minutes. When Splyce took Baron number 2, Fnatic had no answer and the gold swung decisively in Splyce’s favor. The immediate push cost Fnatic three towers and two inhibitors and shortly after that — the game.

At 7-1, Fnatic are now tied for first with their long-time rivals G2 Esports. Splyce are close third with 6-2 and will have an important match against G2 next week, July 20.

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