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For SinoDragon, their LPL story so far has been trying to balance their record and stay in the top 8. After losing to established teams like EDG, iG and BLG, the team seemed only capable of beating bottom table opposition.

But on Feb. 26, SDG faced LPL’s #3 Topsports — and won. It marked the first real breakthrough for the team, and possibly a turn-around to some brighter days.

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To Gala: There have been a lot of changes focusing on AD carries in the newly released patch 9.4. Which AD carries do you think will become popular picks in this patch?

Probably we will see more Sivir in the competitive scene, but Kai’sa is still a good pick for me.

To Coach: TOP are known for their impeccable early game, so how did you guys manage to put pressure on them at the early stage of game 2 and game 3?

Our players played pretty well in game 2, they are all talented players. Moreover, our comp is very strong in the early game, so we did what we were supposed to do and got the result we expected.  

To Coach: What adjustments did you make after losing to iG and BLG?

The match against iG was the first time for us to face a top-tier team, we regarded it as a learning opportunity, and indeed we learned a lot. Losing to BLG also exposed lots of our weaknesses, we made some adjustments accordingly and it works out pretty well. Now our players are more willing play sacrificial roles and we are more united as a team.

To Coach: TOP was actually in a good form, so what do you think is the key factor that helped you defeat them with a reverse sweep?

It’s because all of our players would willingly make sacrifice for the team.

To Changhong: You pulled out an amazing performance today. But when you lost game 1 on Cassiopeia, did it affect your mind state?

It was alright. As I am used to being ganked a lot in scrims with other LPL teams, it couldn’t get to me at all. 

To Changhong: Your counterpart 369 is considered as one of few Chinese offensive top laners, how does it feel to lane against him? And how do you define your play-style?

His laning skill is indeed impressive, but I’m fine with getting pressured a little bit since the champions I usually pick are Gangplank and Kennen. As for my play style, I would say that I am a top laner who likes playing safe, focusing on farming and waiting for team-fights. 

To Mark: Tahm is really strong as he can serve as a counter-pick to many other champions. What are your thoughts on this hero?

Tahm is a protective support with the ability of instant lane-swapping. Even when the enemy gets a strong bottom lane comp, with Tahm we will still be able to make it an even match-up.

To Coach: Did the quick loss of game 1 affect the players in a negative way? How did the team adjust themselves and eventually secure the series?

Though our players are young, they are very stable in terms of mentality. We simply made some strategic adjustments. Besides, as underdogs, we are fine even if we lose eventually. What’s more important is to keep having the hunger for victory.

To Changhong: We haven’t been seeing Gangplank much recently, but you picked him anyway. What was the reason behind that pick and how do you think of your performance?

I am confident with this champion, I would say he is my signature champion. As for my performance, I think I did well, I did miss quite a lot of last hits though.

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