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Some of the details of the incoming Patch 10.13 have been revealed by rioter Mark Yetter last Monday.

Despite we have been playing with the Patch 10.12 for less than a week, Riot’s update schedule keeps running, and this new version will be launched by June 24th.

This is just a preview of the Patch, the official notes, and the details of those changes are still a secret for us, but apart from the buffs, nerfs and changes to some champions and systems that are totally necessary to balance the game right now, Riot Games will give us the option to report and mute other players during Champ Select.

This new function makes this Patch the most important update of the year. It represents Riot Games’ intentions to fight toxicity in the community.

We still don’t know how will it work or look like, but it will definitely affect all the queues and games for the players.

Most part of the community is pretty happy with this new tool, but there are also detractors, people who are afraid that this will make queues eternal, or maybe it will ease the dodges during champ select.

We will have to wait to see how did Riot manage the new feature to avoid bad behaviours, but is amazing to see how concern they are about toxicity in their most famous game.

This Patch is probably the best Patch we have had in a long time. It focuses on the most problematic champions and runes and gives us new tools to have the best experience.

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