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Ivern is one of the least popular champions in League of Legends. For patches on end, he’s been on the low end of getting pick, in both professional and online games. In all esports leagues in the entire Season 9, Ivern has been picked a total of three times over thousands of games. And in normal games, he ranks 38th/41 among junglers with just 0.97% pick rate.

The problem with Ivern is manifold. First, he relies too much on his W Brushmaker, an ability which creates brushes on the map and turns Ivern’s attacks into ranged. Second, his ultimate ability Daisy! is a bit hard to control and issuing commands is buggy, which hurts the champion a lot.

But now, Riot wants to do something about Ivern so he at least passes that 1% pick rate. On Twitter, Riot designer Blake “Squad5lol” Smith shared what changes the team is testing on Ivern.

Naturally, Riot’s focus is on the aforementioned W and R. Ivern will now always be a ranged attacked and his W will now give bonus to Ivern’s allies. When entering an Ivern-made brush, allies will get the W bonus damage. This in turn will 1) make Ivern players think carefully where to place the brush so that it’s convenient to their key allies; and 2) have Ivern’s allies maneuver in-and-out of brushes to keep the bonus damage for the longest possible time.

Daisy! will also no longer be controllable, eliminating the need to micro manage the minion. Instead, she will drop into a certain location and fight in it for the duration. Daisy has also been “completely re-scripted”, Smith says, “hoping this will also reduce her bugginess” and help her choose targets appropriately.

The R changes will make Ivern much less micro intensive, helping novice players pick him up and learn him at a better pace, but it will certainly hurt high level Ivern players who will always want manual control over Daisy, instead of hoping she attacks the correct targets. At the same time, the W and R changes combined will make Ivern a monster and important objective fights, especially Baron and Dragon, where Daisy can protect the entire perimeter and all his allies are close by, able to dash in and out of brushes to have W bonus damage at 100% up time.

Riot is hoping that the new Ivern is ready for testing for the preseason, although it is “not guaranteed to ship or anything.”

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