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The LEC rivalry between G2 Esports and Fnatic is one of the longest-standing ones in Europe. The two teams have exchanged buckets of banter and have faced each other multiple times, most recently at the finals of the 2019 LEC Summer Playoffs.

On Twitter, the two brands are in a state of a lighthearted war, but now that Worlds 2019 is around the corner, the two leaders of Europe are banding together against the East and their long-time rivals from North America. G2 bot laner Luka “PerkZ” Perković reminded people that while Fnatic may have drawn a hard group, fans should not write them off, especially given the format of the group stage.

“People writing Fnatic off especially in bo1 is XD,” PerkZ said. “Good chance of them making it as #1.”

There’s merit to those words, even if they seem a bit controversial at first. Fnatic shares a group with Royal Never Give Up and SK Telecom T1 — far and away the hardest group at Worlds. In a tournament where Fnatic play best-of-3’s or best-of-5’s, they probably don’t have much chance: SKT are famous for being very hard to kill in long series and RNG are coming in as one of the most consistent teams in the LPL, a league which, like the LCK, plays best-of-3’s all year long.

But best-of-1’s are volatile and Western teams have been known to come up with cheese strats that actually grow up to be legit compositions. From the Sona/Taric bot lanes of the LCS, to the Garen/Yuumi duos and Pyke fiesta in the LEC, the West is much more dangerous in short series. Fnatic also took G2 to five games in both their encounters in the Summer Playoffs, taking the lead in the series both times, which comes to show how dangerous the team is in best-of-5’s. With pocket picks like Garen, Twisted Fate and Tristana, Fnatic have more than enough to shock the more by-the-book teams at Worlds.

The Worlds 2019 group stage takes place Oct. 12-15.

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