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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.

Game 1 – Team Vitality (EU LCS) vs Royal Never Give Up (LPL)
Projected Winner: Royal Never Give Up
Picks and Bans:

Team Vitality shock the world by upsetting Royal Never Give Up

On the start of the day, it seemed a forgone conclusion that Royal Never Give Up would go 6-0 in their group. If there was any team to look to that could potentially upset this script, it was thought that it would be Gen.G. For Team Vitality, while receiving a lot of praise for their aggression and willingness to play their style of League of Legends, the desk expected for them to look for wins against Gen.G and Cloud9. In the draft, each quad select comfort picks to the play styles of their carries. Jiizuke on a split pusher and Attila on his Draven. And for RNG they had Karsa on Lee Sin and Uzi and Kai’Sa.

At the start of the game, a failed tower dive by Team Vitality backfires and ends with Uzi sniping out Jactroll for first blood. But Team Vitality was undeterred. Conceding that they lost the bottom lane, they make an early lane swap to the top lane and get a kill on Letme for Kikis. RNG answer the play by taking dragon and taking down the first tower. The game would progress with each team trading objectives until a fight in the mid lane would prove disastrous for Royal Never Give Up. Not only would Attila get a double kill, but thanks to a timely Rift Herald summon by Kikis, Team Vitality would be able take both middle outer and inner towers. The game would be blown open with a fight in Royal’s red side jungle as Team Vitality’s Jactroll hit two back to back crucial hooks onto Xiaohu that lead to 3-0 victory for Vitality. With the won team fight, Vitality are able to secure baron. After the baron take, Team Vitality took a team fight in the mid lane and ended the game with a shocking upset.


Team Vitality: 13/9/36

Cabochard: 9 KDA w/ 298 cs
Kikis: 4.5 KDA w/ 166 cs
Jiisuke: 10 KDA w/ 285 cs
Attila: 12 KDA w/ 309 cs
Jactrol:l 1.8 KDA w/ 36 cs

Royal Never Give Up: 9/13/17

Letme: 0.8 KDA w/ 255 cs
Karsa: 2.33 KDA w/ 132 cs
Xiaohu: 1.67 KDA w/ 308 cs
Uzi: 4 KDA w/ 365 cs
Ming: 3 KDA w/ 23 cs

Winner: Team Vitality

Game 2 – Gen.G (LCK) vs Cloud9 (NA LCS)
Projected Winner: Gen.G
Picks and Bans:

Cloud9 get revenge on Gen.G to keep their Knockout Stage dreams alive

The former world champions, Gen.G, were looking very poor in the first portion of the round robin. In their victory over Cloud9, the argument could be made that it was due to sloppy play on the North American side. For Cloud9, none of their games could you make the argument that they looked clean at any point. But with the win of Team Vitality over RNG, the group was blown open. In the draft, Cloud9 returned to their style of unique picks with Licorice breaking out the Hecarim to counter CuVee on Aatrox.

In the game, Cloud9 opened with first blood on Crown with Jensen getting a solo kill on Crown. Unfortunately for Cloud9, Licorice opened his laning phase into CuVee 0-2. As the game continued to play out, Jensen and Svenskeren linked up to continue to bully Crown. This lead in the mid lane would create a point of power for C9.The power of Licorice on the Hecarim and Zeyzal having the ability to use Stand United, allowed C9 to have really creative team fights and powerful flanks. After Cloud9 are able to rush the baron at the 35 minute mark, they are able to take down the Gen.G base and put themselves in the race to make it to the Knockout Stage.


Gen.G: 6/13/12

CuVee: 4 KDA w/ 334 cs
Haru: 1.33 KDA w/ 155 cs
Crown: 0.33 KDA w/ 284 cs
Ruler: 4 KDA w/ 397 cs
CoreJJ: 2 KDA w/ 26 cs

Cloud9: 13/6/24

Licorice: 4 KDA w/ 342 cs
Svenskeren: 3 KDA w/ 190 cs
Jensen: 20 KDA w/ 345 cs
Sneaky: 6 KDA w/ 390 cs
Zeyzal: 7 KDA w/ 69 cs

Winner: Cloud 9

Game 3 – Team Vitality (EU LCS) vs Gen.G (LCK)
Projected Winner: Gen.G
Picks and Bans:

Team Vitality put themselves in position to make the Quarterfinals

Team Vitality rode into their match with a lot of momentum as they beat Royal earlier in the day. Gen.G were coming off a loss versus Cloud9 and were looking worse and worse as the tournament went on. In the draft Team Vitality continued to play team to match their aggressive play style with Kikis on Lee Sin and Jiizuke on LeBlanc. For Gen.G, they went with Crown’s comfort pick by picking up Malzhar for Crown and Olaf for Ambition.

The game starts slow as both teams were content to play out the laning phase trading cs. First blood would come through the top lane as Kikis and Cabochard link up in the top lane to take out CuVee. The action doesn’t stop as Jactroll and Jiizuke by picking of Crown in the mid lane. Kikis link up again with Cabochard to take out CuVee again. Team Vitality continue their aggressive play to rack up a 5K gold lead at the 25 minute mark. After a team fight in the mid lane, Team Vitality rout Gen.G and end the game without even needing baron buff.


Team Vitality: 12/6/31

Cabochard: 10 KDA w/ 325 cs
Kikis: 10 KDA w/ 187 cs
Jiizuke: 1.33 KDA w/ 287 cs
Attila: 9 KDA w/ 428 cs
Jactroll: 10 KDA w/ 71 cs

Gen.G: 6/12/11

CuVee: 0.25 KDA w/ 327 cs
Ambition: 5 KDA w/ 155 cs
Crown: 1.33 KDA w/ 321 cs
Ruler: 1 KDA w/ 365 cs
CoreJJ: 2.5 KDA w/ 70 cs

Winner: Team Vitality

Game 4 – Cloud9 (NA LCS) vs Royal Never Give Up (LPL)
Projected Winner: Royal Never Give Up
Picks and Bans:

Cloud9 do the impossible as they continue to fight for a Quarterfinal birth

Royal Never Give Up showed weakness against Team Vitality earlier on the day. Analysts wondered if Cloud9 could capitalize on this weakness as well. When the teams last matched up, RNG just ran over Cloud9 as they played through the bot lane and got Uzi ahead. In the draft, Royal Never Give Up drafted three tanks to protect Uzi and Karsa picked up Lee Sin as a pressure valve to link early game to the mid game. For Cloud9, their roster had strong team fight and pick potential with Licorice on Shen to provide side lane pressure while also being able to join the team with Stand United.

In the early game, it looked like it would be a repeat performance as RNG’s bot lane generated an early lead versus Cloud9 with no gank assistance. But Cloud9 would be the first to pull the trigger as Zeyzal would use Alistar combo on Ming to initiate a fight as Svenskeren would come in for a gank. And while no kills were traded, C9 were able to equalize the lane for Sneaky. First blood would be taken by Cloud9 as a fight over the Ocean drake would see two kills for C9 and RNG would get a return kill onto Zeyzal. Cloud 9 would continue to get pick after all over the map on the members of Royal Never Give Up. After a poor team fight in near their raptor camp, Royal Never Give Up loses three members and Cloud9 get the baron. With baron in hand and a won team fight in the mid lane, Cloud9 keep their Knockout Stage hopes alive.


Cloud9: 13/4/39

Licorice: 9 KDA w/ 272 cs
Svenskeren: 4 KDA w/ 141 cs
Jensen: 10 KDA w/ 296 cs
Sneaky: 12 KDA w/ 318 cs
Zeyzal: 13 KDA w/ 39 cs

Royal Never Give Up: 4/13/10

Letme: 1.5 KDA w/ 235 cs
Karsa: 3 KDA w/ 129 cs
Xiaohu: 0.66 KDA w/ 229 cs
Uzi: 2 KDA w/ 286 cs
Ming: 0.2 KDA w/ 20 cs

Winner: Cloud 9

Game 5 – Cloud9 (NA LCS) vs Team Vitality (EU LCS)
Projected Winner: Cloud9
Picks and Bans:

Cloud9 make their way to the Knockout Stage with a win over Team Vitality

With both Western teams beating Royal Never Give Up they come into this game with the ability to make it to the Knockout Stage with a win in this game. In the draft, Cloud9 pick a draft a composition that helped him pick up games in the NA LCS with picks like Zeyzal, Nocturne and Singed. Likewise, Team Vitality put a lot of win conditions together in their draft by picking up Draven for Attila, Jiizuke on Ekko, and Jactroll back on Thresh to hopefully hit miracle hook after hook.

The game opened with Jensen being able to score first blood on Jiizuke. However on the other side of the map, Attila and Jactroll are able secure a kill on the flashless Zeyzal. The next kill would be found in C9’s red side jungle, as they would successfully defend their red buff and get a kill onto Kikis. The action would continue to be nonstop as a five on five team fight would break out in the bottom lane with as Vitality would collect another kill onto Zeyzal but C9 would answer with kills onto Jactroll and Kikis. The game would continue to be fast paced as the two squads traded kills across the map. After Vitality win a fight in the mid lane, they would attempt to bait baron, but C9 do not fall for it and are able to instead pick off Cabochard. Continuing on the play Cloud9 are able to pick off Jiizuke and get baron. Unfortunately, a lost team fight in the mid lane halts Cloud9 in their tracks, and after picking Sneaky off in the bottom lane Team Vitality neutralize the baron power play. Cloud9 would end the team fight with a great engage onto Attila by Licorice and Svenskeren. With the pick they are able to force down the middle inhibitor, the nexus towers, and take the victory.


Cloud9: 17/8/40

Licorice: 12 KDA w/ 324 cs
Svenskeren: 12 KDA w/ 190 cs
Jensen: 15 KDA w/ 325 cs
Sneaky: 4.5 KDA w/ 270 cs
Zeyzal: 3 KDA w/ 61 cs

Team Vitality: 8/17/19

Cabochard: 1.5 KDA w/ 267 cs
Kikis: 1 KDA w/ 129 cs
Jiizuke: 2 KDA w/ 307 cs
Attila: 4 KDA w/ 326
Jactroll: 1 KDA w/ 40 cs

Winner: Cloud9

Game 6 – Royal Never Give Up (LPL) vs Gen.G (LCK)
Projected Winner: Royal Never Give Up
Picks and Bans:

Mlxg come in for RNG and they smash Gen.G in a quick victory

Gen.G head into this game playing for their pride. The former World Champions were already knocked out of progressing to the Knockout Stage. Also in disappointing fashion, Royal Never Give lost to both Cloud9 and Team Vitality to ended up 3-2 and being forced into a tiebreak scenario to progress further at Worlds. In the draft, Royal Never Give Up went with a strong picks down the board with Letme on Aatrox and Uzi breaking out the Kalista. Gen.G had a surprising pick of their own as they pick up a dueling bot lane of Lucian and Nami.

The game opened explosively as Gen.G tried to brush surprise Royal to get an early kill on the bottom lane. But RNG was prepared and the combination of Olaf, Kalista, and Thresh are able to pick up first blood on CuVee with Mlxg getting the kill. The action doesn’t stop as Mlxg links up with Xiaohu to pick off Crown in the mid lane. Crown is able to get a trade kill on the Olaf. The game begins to blown wide open as RNG win a 5v4 team fight win. As the fight happens in the bot lane, Letme stays top and takes down the first tower from the game. From there, it was a complete stomping of Gen.G as Royal Never Give Up put show the Koreans the classic Chinese Aggression. With superior team fighting and a monumental 9K gold lead at 20 minutes, RNG don’t even need baron as they close out the game in 22 minutes with a push through the top lane to face off against Cloud9 in a tiebreaker match for first in the group.


Royal Never Give Up: 19/5/40

Letme: 8 KDA w/ 238 cs
Mlxg: 7 KDA w/ 121 cs
Xiaohu: 7 KDA w/ 221 cs
Uzi: 13 KDA w/ 225 cs
Ming: 10 KDA w/ 26 cs

Gen.G: 5/19/7

CuVee: 2 KDA w/ 177 cs
Haru: 0.6 KDA w/ 135 cs
Crown: 0.8 KDA w/ 191 cs
Ruler: 0 KDA w/ 192 cs
CoreJJ: 0.3 KDA w/ 10 cs

Winner: Royal Never Give Up

Tiebreaker for First Place in Group B – Royal Never Give Up vs Cloud9
Projected Winner: Royal Never Give Up
Picks and Bans:

A slugfest between Cloud9 and Royal Never Give Up ends with the LPL taking the first seed

After the group draw, many had Cloud9 written off as relegated to third or fourth place. They expected first and second seed were Royal Never Give Up and Gen.G. But as the group stage played out, Cloud9 would show that they had what it takes to hang with some of the strongest teams in the world. On the side of Royal Never Give Up, it was considered a forgone conclusion that they would exit the group the first seed. But as the second half of the round robin played out, RNG were shown to be mortal as they went 1-2 on the day. In the draft, Cloud9 was allowed to lock in Zilean for Jensen once again. On the side of RNG, Uzi would get Lucian to go along Ming on Rakan to give themselves a stronger laning phase.

The game would prove to be a slug fest as the two teams would trade kills in each fight. The bottom lane would continue to be a place of power for Royal Never Give Up as Uzi and Ming were once again able to generate a lead for themselves with little intervention from other lanes. Cloud9 was able to keep pace in the game as it seemed that Royal Never Give Up knew how to play against a Zilean as the revive mechanic of the ultimate allowed C9 to continue to extend fights. The game felt balanced on a knife’s edge and even when Royal were able to secure a baron, Cloud9 were able to take win the team fight with only Xiaohu getting out alive. It would be when the baron respawned that RNG would find team fight victory as a great engage by Ming allowed them to rout C9 and take down the nexus and leave Group B as the first seed.


Royal Never Give Up: 19/19/43

Letme: 3 KDA w/ 329 cs
Mlxg: 1.1 KDA w/ 194 cs
Xiaohu: 5.3 KDA w/ 312 cs
Uzi: 6.5 KDA w/ 385 cs
Ming: 5 KDA w/ 17 cs

Cloud9: 19/19

Licorice: 2.25 KDA w/ 272 cs
Svenskeren: 1.4 KDA w/ 163 cs
Jensen: 5.3 KDA w/ 354 cs
Sneaky: 5.5 KDA w/ 338 cs
Zeyzal: 7.5 KDA w/ 16 cs

Winner: Royal Never Give Up

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