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Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning is perhaps the best player in the LPL. His number of MVP match awards certainly suggests so. The world champion jungler was in the spotlight once again today, as Invictus Gaming took on Rogue Warriors, aiming to extend their LPL score to 3-0.

Game 1: iG lead 1-0

While the game didn’t start too well for iG, the world got treated to Ning’s Kayn once again. It didn’t take long before the match turned into Ning’s one-man-show. His Kayn play dictated the Rift and every single teamfight. While RW weren’t really helpless, the game could very well be summarized in a series of Ning highlights.

Ning’s impact on the game was so grand, that it won him his fifth MVP award in a row and his second on Kayn. Going into game 2, RW would have to make a tough decision: do they ban out Ning and let Rookie get what he wants instead?

Game 2: iG win 2-0

Although game 2 wasn’t all Ning all the time, he was the one who forged a killing tandem between him and Song “Rookie” Eui-jin. The LeBlanc of the Korean mid-laner got so out of hand this series that it was the only thing that could contest a sixth MVP title in a row.

iG’s world championship level team fighting showed as the two teams started eyeing Baron. Usually, such 5v5 brawls would end with at least a few players dead on each side, but iG would have none of that. Once XuZhu’s support Ornn whiffed his ultimate, iG pulled the trigger. Ning and Rookie dived for the pick off and blasted RW into a five-for-zero outcome and the game.

iG’s exceptional play was only part of the reason they won, however, and heavy critique was directed at RW’s Tian “HuaTian” Mai on Yasuo. Often the first to die in teamfights and ending up doing little of substance the entire game, the midlaner ended with about as much damage down throughout the game as RW’s Sejuani. Not a good look for a Yasuo.

The results of week 2, day 1 put iG on top of the scoreboard with a perfect record and simultaneously marking Rogue Warriors as the worst team in LPL so far. iG will get a shot at ending the week on a 8-0 score on Sunday, as they play JD Gaming.

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