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Invictus Gaming, and jungler Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning in particular, have secured their redemption. After losing the MSI semifinals to Team Liquid and had one of their worst Splits in history, the reigning world champions are in the top 8 once again. In the final game of the group, iG defeated Team Liquid eliminate the last remaining LCS team from the tournament and secure the revenge for that one MSI game.

For jungler Ning, who spent the first half of the group stage on the bench and only returned Sunday to help iG qualify, this was a day of relief. After the win, he spoke to members of the Chinese press about making it to Madrid and how early in the game against Team Liquid they knew victory was theirs.

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How do you feel winning this important match and taking the revenge against TL? Does it feel good?

It definitely great since we can go to Madrid. Тhe revenge is not that important, what matters most is we gоt out of the group.

After losing to DWG, how did you mange to adjust yourselves so quickly? And in this match, we saw a brand new IG, you seem to be back at your peak again.

I think the main reason of losing to DWG was not that they were stronger than us, it was because we had some bad luck and made some mistakes in our decision making. As for the game against TL, we knew that if we lost, we’d go home. So, each of us gave our best in the game.

In this game, we saw you had an excellent top/jungle/mid synergy especially in the early stage. How did you do it and who made the call?

First, I knew Gragas was not strong as Olaf is in the jungle. And Rookie managed to solo kill Jensen and Aatrox didn’t have the advantage when playing against TheShy’s Vladimir, so we thought their top lane was the best place to snowball. Also, if Vladimir gets a huge advantage, we can win the game easily.

You had a good pace on Gragas. When did you realize you could win the game?

After we dove the tower and killed Aatrox, we knew the victory was in the bag. And when Vladimir took down the first turret, we were sure we’d win because we all thought they couldn’t beat us, especially in the late game.

What would you rate your Gragas today?

I will give it an 8 out of 10 because I didn’t return to my best form as I haven’t played in the competitive scene for a long time. Maybe I need more games to help me regain my best state.

Before the game started, the whole team seemed to have a good fun with big smiles on their faces. What were you laughing at?

We were talking about that we fought TL in MSI and we lost. If we’d lose again today, we would go home. Neither of us wanted to lose.

Up next is the quarterfinals draw, which team do you want to play against most?

I don’t want to fight an LPL team, so let’s hope we don’t meet FPX. I want to play SKT the most because if we want to win the Worlds, we should play against the best team.

Many of your fans in China are really concerned about you and IG, any last words to them?

Because it’s early morning in China, you must be tired so please take care of your health. And I would play my best in quarterfinals and try to advance to semi-finals.

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