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Reports from earlier this week have been confirmed and Misfits will be fielding their entire Academy roster in the LEC this week. The reason is the main roster’s poor performance during the split, which led to the management having to make drastic changes.

Misfits have indeed struggled, winning only two games this season. At 2-6, Misfits are 9th in the league and are on a five-game losing streak. Bar some last minute miracle, the team is certain to miss the LEC Summer Playoffs, let alone have a shot at playing at Worlds.

By the looks of it, the main Misfits roster will also fall apart at the end of the season. Top laner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer posted a series of goodbye tweets explaining how the team reached its current state.

“Prior to the start of summer split scrims were going better and I was very confident in my own capabilities but as the season went by we were not improving as fast as we needed to (similar to what happened in spring), so management decided to play the entire academy team in LEC,” sOAZ writes. “I will miss playing with all of you guys.”

Misfits’ line-up going forward will be:

β€” Top: Dan Dan
β€” Jungle: Kirei
β€” Mid: LIDER
β€” Bot: Neon
β€” Support: H1IVA

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