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Today, KT Rolster announced that its star support Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong has concluded his two-year contract and will be exploring free agency. Mata played with KT Rolster for two years, earning one LoL Champions Korea title and one top 8 appearance at the World Championship. Mata is well-known as one of the best supports in the world and was regarded as such at his most recent World Championship appearance.

Mata’s hunger to win worlds was well-documented and while he did not achieve his goal, his time in LCK proved that he was still among the best players in the world. Following his departure, KT “gives heartfelt gratitude and encouragement” to Mata for all his contributions. As a top support, Mata has a large market to choose from, but given the current state of salaries in Korea, it is likely that he will return to the LoL Pro League in China or even venture to the North American LoL Championship Series.

Mata’s departure from KT Rolster signals the potential total disbandment of the team, following its inability to achieve its primary goal — win Worlds. Still, KT Rolster won the final split of LCK run by OGN and have indicated a plan to build their team around Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho.

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