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If you thought that very soon you’d be swimming in some sweet Louis Vuitton League of Legends (or LVXLOL for short) T-Shirts, hoodies and pants, you might have to think again. The official website of the fashion house listed each item of their LVXLOL collection and its price, and you better be ready to cough up some serious cash if you’re into that sort of thing.

Even the smallest of items are not going to be kind to your wallet. A bandeau (hair bandana) sells for $230, for example. A diamond bracelet goes up to $400 and a belt almost hits the number of the beast at $665. And those are the cheapest items.

A Qiyana short-sleeve T-Shirt is $865. An embroidered dress with similar style, however, will set you back $2,600. Jogging pants? $2,100. A hoodie? $3,100! The prices go up to $4,000 wrist watches and $7,250 biker jackets.

These prices will certainly not appeal to the common League of Legends player, but could be of interest to the high-end customers who are already used to wearing designer labels. After all, if a major fashion house teams up with your favorite game, why not pay $1,000 for a monogrammed shawl?

After all, it’s limited edition and everything.

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