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Rift Rivals 2019 will end in a classic face-off between China and Korea. On Sunday, July 7, the two regions will meet to decide which one gets ahead in Rift Rivals trophies.

The LPL qualified for the grand finals by sweeping the combined forces of LMS and VCS 3-0, sending the region home with zero match wins. LPL didn’t even need to use Invictus Gaming; JD Gaming, Top Esports, and FunPlus Phoenix were more than enough to sweep Flash Wolves, MAD, and Dashing Buffalos.

As they enter the grand final tomorrow, LPL are in a slight disadvantage. At this Rift Rivals, China is 1-3 down against Korea, as LCK’s representatives have been playing just better League of Legends. Despite domestic struggles, SKT are performing with a revitalised Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, while Kingzone DragonX is playing to the tune of LPL: with aggressive, almost pitch-perfect teamfights.

A Rift Rivals 2019 championship will come as some comfort for the LCK, albeit small. Earlier this summer, SKT set on a mission to conquer MSI back for Korea, but came home empty handed as the championship went to the LEC and G2 Esports. Defeating their main rivals on home soil would likely reinvigorate the region coming into Worlds 2019 and perhaps help it redeem itself from the disastrous 2018, which can be counted as Korea’s worst League of Legends year to date.

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