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LPL’s “super team” Suning continues to struggle. Counting from their first loss in the league, just before the Lunar New Year break, Suning have now lost six of their last seven games and are on the verge of falling out of the top 10.

Their last defeat came at the hands of Bilibili Gaming, who are doing about as well as Suning are struggling. BLG’s 2-0 over Suning puts them at a five-game win streak and under #3 in the current rankings, justly slightly above world champions Invictus Gaming.

Game 1 was a masterclass in stomping by BLG. By the end at minute 37, BLG stood at 14 kills to Suning’s two, with Kuro boasting an MVP-esque KDA of 6/0/5 and Meteor having a 92.8% kill participation ratio.

BLG were in control for the most of game 2 too. With the exception of one small hiccup that ended in an ace and baron for Suning, BLG stayed on top for all 38 minutes to get their fifth in a row.

After beating LGD earlier this week, Suning really hoped for another win today, but are now in a difficult position going into week 8. On Tuesday, Maple and co play #2 seed Topsports and then #6 JDG on Saturday. If Suning want to bounce back and keep their playoffs hopes alive, they need these victories, although beating TOP seems unlikely at this point.

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