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After more than a month of delay, the LPL will resume on Mar. 9, trying to catch up to all the other leagues in terms of schedule. The updated schedule will feature stacked days, with three games in six of the seven weekly playdays. All of the matches will be played consecutively, potentially having nine games of League of Legends in a single day.

Although such grueling schedule will no doubt tire out both players and viewers, especially considering there isn’t a single day of break for the broadcast, it’s the only way the LPL can finish in time for MSI 2020, whenever it ends up happening. The Spring Season is planned to end April 19 — 20 days later than 2019’s Spring Split. The playoffs will likely start immediately after, with very small pause, and the whole season should realistically be done by mid-May.

When it comes to the teams and match-ups, there haven’t been enough games to properly assess where each roster stands after the extended break. That said, the LPL has lined up some great matches on Mar. 9 to celebrate the league’s return.

Reigning world champions FunPlus Phoenix meet JD Gaming in the second match of the day. JDG’s bot laner Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook has been outstanding in the four games his team has played and (thanks to this small number of matches) has the highest KDA among all players in the major regions. JD Gaming are not only in the lead right now, but they’ll get the chance to hand FPX their third loss this season, which would be as many losses as FPX had across both splits in 2019.

The third match of the day will see Royal Never Give Up going up against arguably the best mid laner in the LPL: Top Esports’ Zhuo “knight” Ding. RNG have one loss in their active so far, while Top are up 2-0.

LPL Week 2 schedule:

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