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If you’ve played Legends of Runeterra recently, then you’ve likely encountered a very aggressive metagame, especially on the ladder. The deck landscape is dominated by a holy trinity of aggro and midrange decks, led by the S/I Mistwraiths, the I/F Elusives, and the S/N Spiders.

This has left fans of slow, control decks struggling to find an decklist that works. Earlier metagames saw the Korean player Steelo succeed with an I/F Control deck, but as the fast decks optimized their lists, the I/F Control found it hard to reliably clear all the threats while staying alive. Then, along came two spell-heavy controls — the Heimerdinger control and the Ezreal combo — which had plenty of removals to gun down all spiders, ninjas and wraiths. Due to them being very complex to play, however, they’d often mismatch against the less skill-intensive aggro decks and their pilots would lose to the unstopping offense either way.

Around the same time, another control archetype was born — the Karma/Fiora control, which is now one of the premier control decks to climb the ladder with. While still complicated to play, it has clearer win conditions. One is Fiora’s level up effect: kill four units and survive and you win the game.

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Fiora is awesome in many ways. Her Challenger effect allows here to draw Elusive and Fearsome units out of their hiding and slice them. A large portion of the deck’s spells is to keep her alive: barriers, stats buffs, healing. If well protected, it is not uncommon for Fiora to win the game before your opponent can attack three times. One of the best spells for Fiora, and in the Demacia region altogether, is Judgement — a board-wide clear that absolutely destroys aggro boards, while also ticking up Fiora’s kill count.

Click here for full decklist and deck code

The second win condition is the power of an Enlightened Karma. Before she levels up, Karma will produce random spells each turn, filling your hand with useful tools to fight off the attacks. When she levels up, she doubles the effect of every spell on the target. With that, the 1-mana Healing Potions start healing for 6, Redoubled Valor can make a 12/12 Fiora, and Back to Back now gives a total of +12/+12 in stat buff for just 5 mana.

This deck still needs a lot of practice, as it’s more complicated than just slapping units on the table and hitting past blockers, but once you figure it out, the joy of seeing Fiora win the game by her own is priceless.

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