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Season 10 of League of Legends is coming at the end of this week, Riot Games confirmed Sunday. On Jan. 10, the new season will begin, preceded by the first patch of the new year, Patch 10.1, releasing on Jan. 8.

Judging by the tweet, we might be getting a new cinematic to celebrate the launch of Season 10, but there’s, of course, a lot more coming with it. The new champion, Sett, will be available for play. The new drake system and the arrival of elemental rifts is another change that will massively affect how we play League of Legends, so maybe don’t jump into ranked games right from day one, but get to feel the game better first.

In ranked, players’ ranks will reset, but not fully. Their new rank will be determined by the placement matches in combination of players’ record during the pre-season.

And finally, all the competitive leagues are starting too!

2020 Spring Split schedule

  • 2020 LCS Spring: starts Jan. 25
  • 2020 LEC Spring: starts Jan. 24
  • 2020 LPL Spring: starts Jan. 13
  • 2020 LCK Spring: starts February
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