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A new day of LPL started today, with a first match between the Spring Champions JD Gaming and Dominus Esports that resulted in a new defeat for Dominus (the fifth in a row) and relief to JD, whose score was negative before today’s match (1-2).

The second match of the day was far more bloody and interesting to watch: LGD Gaming and Invictus Gaming faced each other in an insane series.

Game One:

The first game started with IG taking a slight lead on the Gold score in the first minutes, but LGD managed to keep control of the map at all times so that after 12 minutes they got their second Dragon and the First Blood of the game.

For around ten minutes, LGD had the lead in the match, taking the first tower and a couple of kills more, until the fight for the third Drake, where IG took the objective and an insane Aatrox in hands of Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok dealt enough damage to kill three enemies and put his team back in the game.

During a while, some fight took place in different parts of the map, and most of them resulted positive for LGD Gaming since they took advantage of the multiple mistakes of their enemies and kept controlling the map, so that their tower score was 3-0 at minute 23.


Invictus Gaming managed to keep the distance and not let LGD take too much advantage, so they started fighting a new Mountain Drake… until Han “Peanut” Wang-ho’s Kindred stole it! Immediately after, a team fight started in the same area and LGD crashed the ex-world champions.

At minute 25, LGD got the Baron Nashor, who helped them to increase their advantage and made every fight unwinnable for IG. The next five minutes were very intense until LGD Gaming penetrated the enemy base, quickly destroyed the nexus, and won the first game.

Game Two:

The second map started with a quick first kill for LGD’s Jungler, Peanut, whose chosen champ was Trundle this time.

At first, it looked like IG was going to fall behind again since the enemy team was leading the kills score, but they managed to not only keep the Gold score even but also to get the first two Drakes of the game.

After the second Drake, LGD kept leading the kills score, while Invictus Gaming were better in Towers and Gold. Then, an objectives-fight started and dragged on for several minutes: LGD got two Infernal Drakes, and IG pushed all lines and grew their Gold difference.

That is how we reached minute 23 and Invictus Gaming started Baron Nashor. Peanut tried to steal it, but his team received a big beating instead.


IG could not use Baron buff as much as they would have liked. LGD managed to resist every attack and they even got some kills… everything was to be decided in the fight for the fifth Dragon of the game.

Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning, IG’s jungler, killed it while a bloody team fight was happening. The result of this fight was 2-4 in favor of Invictus, and thanks to that, they got a second Baron Nashor.

This time the buff was very well used. LGD could not hold their enemies’ push and power, and after a few more fights, Invictus Gaming won the game in 34 minutes.

Game 3:

For the last game, TheShy decided to take Quinn to the top lane and dominated the early game while LGD got the first kill.

They also managed to kill the first Dragon and the first ten minutes went by without much action.

A second Dragon was killed by LGD, and its advantage started growing thanks to their lead in Towers and Kills scores (the only one killing for IG was TheShy in the top lane).

From that moment, the game went completely crazy. Despite they all fought for the third Dragon, nobody died, and somehow Invictus Gaming managed to keep the game pretty even for many minutes.

But at minute 24, LGD Gaming killed Baron Nashor and its power made them able to open the enemy’s base. Right after this, a new team fight started in the mid lane, and IG, after killing 4 enemies, opened LGD’s base too.

It was crazy how even the game was. This screenshot taken at minute 28 is perfect to prove it:

But it didn’t last long. Right after the play you can see in the picture, LGD Gaming pushed the mid lane until they were able to destroy the inhibitor.

Invictus Gaming positioning and decisions were not very adequate for LGD’s attack, and out of a sudden, we had them all dying and being defeated in a series where they were the favourites to win.


After this game, LGD Gaming share the first position in LPL Summer Split with Top Esports, Victory Five and Royal Never Give Up, while Invictus Gaming shares the fifth position with Team We.

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