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The LCS and LCK are looking to resume operations by the end of March, according to various reporters.

ESPN’s Tyler Erzberger reported Tuesday that sources close to the situation said that “Riot Korea and the LCK have discussed whether to continue playing in studio without an audience, it appears that the league will continue in an online format when it returns from its suspension.”

The LCK has been on hiatus since Mar. 2 after management suspended operations over growing coronavirus concerns “in order to ensure the safety of the members of the league”. The LCK played out the first half of its Spring Split in season, where Gen.G (8-1) is currently in the lead, followed by DragonX (7-2) and T1 (7-2).

North America’s LCS is moving much faster in terms of returning to active play. According to Rod Breslau, league officials are working to resume the league as early as next weekend.

According to Breslau, the LCS will likely transition to an online format to and be played similarly to the LPL, with referees attending the teams’ home facilities, which has in turn become a healthy concern for said referees.

The only question mark among the four major regions is the LEC, which suspended operations four days ago. Europe’s premier league is in the same state as the LCS, with just two weeks of matches remaining before the end of the season.

Finding a speedy resolution to the hiatus is of primary interest for the League of Legends esports calendar. MSI 2020 has already been postponed for July and the Summer Splits have been rescheduled to mid-late May. Worlds 2020 is still planned to take place some time in October-November in China, with Shanghai’s government (where the Grand Finals are to take place) recently coming out with a statement vowing to do everything in its power to ensure the World Championship happens as planned.

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