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Korea’s LCK Summer Split has finally begun and with its start, every big League of Legends Championships are running.

SANDBOX Gaming and Afreeca Freecs opened the season with a very interesting series that resulted in the victory of Freecs 2-0. After that, it was time for T1 to face DragonX.

The series started with DragonX winning the first game, but T1 managed to win the second game and forced a third one. That was the perfect moment for a young boy to shine…

Despite T1 were the clear favorites of this matchup based on the pick and ban phase, Faker’s team did not play the best of the ‘macro’ strategies, and seventeen-year-old support player Ryu “Keria” Min-Seok used it to led DragonX to their first victory in this Summer Split with an astonishing performance.

With the first Bard of his professional career in his hands, Keria took advantage of the enemy’s failures showing his potential to be a top-class Support, and earning his right to be voted as the Player of the Game.


After the game, Keria sat with the press for a post-match interview and explained why he took Bard for the first time:

It seemed that Bard is played often in the LPL so I practiced him in scrims and solo queue. He’s good according to the opponent’s characteristics

When Keria was asked about his aims and what does he need to be satisfied, he made a honest statement about his intentions:

In the long term, I want to have a career as good as Faker. It would be really hard, but I’d like to become the support with the most championships

That is probably the highest goal any player can have, but Keria is still very young and with a huge future ahead, who knows what fate holds for him.

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