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Riot Games Korea has confirmed the schedule for the LCK Summer Promotion qualifier. The Four-team tournament will decide which orgs will climb up to LCK and which will fall down the Challengers.

Three teams have already been confirmed to take part in Promotion. In Challengers, ES Sharks took first place and will be joined by either APK Prince or VSG, who will play each other Friday, Apr. 12. The other two teams are LCK’s worst sides: Jin Air Green Wings and KT Rolster.

While JAG’s relegation didn’t come as a surprise, with the franchise historically being one of the weaker ones in LCK, that was not the case with KT Rolster. Fans of the veteran org were disappointed to see it flop this Spring Split and finish second to last, winning just four series the whole split.

The Summer Promotion tournament will decide next week whether KT and JAG deserve to say in the LCK, and judging from the performance of the Challengers team, there’s a legitimate reason to worry KT and JAG might not make it. ES Sharks went 12-2 in CK Spring and their only losses came from 1-1 ties against the other top 2 teams in the league. At the same time, APK Prince — a strong contender to be the #2 Challengers team — is being led by veteran jungler Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon, back-to-back LPL bronze finalist with Invictus Gaming, and also haven’t dropped a best-of-3 all season.

While pound for pound and lane for lane the LCK teams still have the advantage, their performance has left much to be desired and it’s not a given that JAG and KT will survive relegation. What they have on their side is that each promotion/elimination match is a best-of-5, a format the Challengers teams don’t play often.

Below is the full schedule of LCK Summer Promotion:

Apr. 16, 17:00 KST — KT Rolster vs. TBD
Apr. 16, 20:00 KST — Jin Air vs. TBD
Apr. 18, 17:00 KST — Winners match (winner advances to LCK)
Apr. 19, 17:00 KST — Losers match (loser falls to CK)
Apr. 21, 17:00 KST — Decider match (winner advances to LCK, loser falls to CK)

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