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TOP Esports have secured at least a top 4 finish in the LPL Summer Season, but the team is gunning for more. With two more matches to go, the race between them, RNG and FPX is a tight one. Even a single loss or win can change whether someone starts in the semifinals, or the round before.

After their 2-1 win against EDward Gaming on Sunday, TES’ players sat down with members of the press to discuss the series. Translation courtesy of

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Game 1 was a hard fight which lasted for over 50 minutes. How did your players rest their mindset between games? And how do you expect to place at the end of the season?

Coach: Our mentality was just fine after game 1, for we didn’t feel too depressed or frustrated. We just made some adjustment to our draft, since our laning in the early game was a bit off.

After this 2-1 today, our score should be one point behind RNG’s. RNG’s next opponents will be BLG and JDG, while ours will be FPX and OMG. We will try our best to take the win for the last two matches. And let’s see how it goes from there.

EDG had big advantages early in all three games today. Why do you think TES failed to secure the lead in the early game? Where do you think they did well and not so well?

Coach: We didn’t do so well in some decision-making in the early game, like how our jungler helped our lanes and how our players in lanes controlled the waves. So we kept making reactions to their play, being passive. But we did a great job in teamfights.

How did you manage to restrict Akali?

Knight9: Akali was somewhat a surprising pick to me, because she is a champion who needs to farm a lot. All you need to do when facing Akali is build tanky items and farm well.

Q: Your Vladimir play was spectacular today, how would you deal Vladimir if he was on the other side?

369: I have a lot of champions to pick from because I feel there are many who counter him, such as Camille, Renekton, Aatrox or Gangplank.

What do you need to do the most when you’re trailing in the early game as a midlaner?

Knight9: I believe the most important thing is that you have to last hit every minion well and prepare for teamfights.

Q: How would you rate your performance as Corki today?

Knight9: I think it was even (in lane) and I have met the two champions before. I’m going to give myself a 6 or 7 and it was not bad.

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