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Today, on Facebook, J Team announced the release of its coaching staff featuring Huang “Firefox” Ting-hsiang, Chen “Prydz” Kuang-feng, and Tsai “Dog8” Hsueh-yu. The three coaches will officially be released on November 30th, but the current grace period will allow the staff to find new homes.

Firefox most famously coached for Chinese team Royal Never Give Up, leading them to success at numerous times before leaving and joining J Team this Summer. Prydz is well-known as an ex-pro player for ahq e-Sports Club, but has coached for Japanese DetonatioN FocusMe and was previously the head coach of J Team before Firefox’s arrival.

J Team had a traditionally strong start to Summer, but eventually went on an eight game losing streak, only to win its final game against Afro Gaming and lose the playoff tiebreaker against G-Rex. J Team had the opportunity to exact its revenge against G-Rex in the Worlds qualifier, but were dispatched 3-0 by G-Rex once more.

J Team failed to make it to the World Championship for the third year in a row despite the roster’s immense talent. The change signals an entirely new direction for J Team, who have struggled to consistently succeed in the LMS, despite possessing the star talent of Chu “FoFo” Chun-lan. J Team will be announcing its complete roster changes at a later date.

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