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Invictus Gaming struck back against Team Liquid and took revenge for their semifinals loss at MSI 2019, eliminating the best LCS team in a 35-minute back-and-forth game.

Liquid came into the match riding the wave of their victory over DAMWON Gaming yesterday and were on good track to extending their lead in Group D to 2-0. An poor gank from Lu “Leyan” Jue’s Olaf gave first blood to the Americans and from there the early game ended conclusively in Liquid’s favor.

However, Liquid’s usual plan to go for the late game and get Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng fed did not work out, as iG had drafted a strong late game composition themselves. With Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok sitting on Vladimir, Song “Rookie” Eun-jin on Orianna, and Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo on Kai’Sa, iG did not fear a 30-minute game plan. In fact, they welcomed it.

Between the 20-25th minute, the game became a cautious game of chicken, with both teams seeking a pick off that could open the map. The side that got it first was iG, with Rookie’s Orianna finding a three-man Shockwave, which then enabled a 6K gold-lead Baron power play. It was less than two minutes from that singular Shockwave moment to Liquid’s Nexus falling down.

iG now lead Group D with 2-0 record and will play DAMWON Gaming next in what’s expected to be another great match. iG played a volatile game against ahq on day 1, which made fans and pundits worry about their Worlds prospects, but this victory against Liquid now teases the return of that iG that hoisted the Summoner’s Cup last year.

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