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Today on Facebook, Hong Kong Attitude announced their 2019 lineup devoid of any foreign imports. HKA have signed Chen “3z” Han, Chen “M1ssion” Hsiao-Hsien, Sit “Error” Chong Fai, and MNM from free agency. Additionally, Huang “Gemini” Chu-Xuan, Wong “Unified” Chun Kit, and Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing have renewed their contracts for the 2019 campaign. HKA’s lineup will also be the first LoL Masters Series lineup to feature players from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau since 2017.

3z has been one of the LMS’s best native top laners since he joined Machi E-Sports in 2016. Photo courtesy of Garena Esports.

On the top side, HKA previously started Korean top laner Jeon “erssu” Ik-soo — who has since joined APK Prince — but have now opted for native top laner, 3z, previously of Machi Esports. 3z has competed at the Garena Premier League and LMS level since 2014, role-swapping between AD carry and top lane in that time. Most recently, he served as a carry-focused top laner for Machi Esports and often defined the team’s side lane play as one of the best players in the LMS.

Hong Kong Attitude have once again re-signed jungler Gemini, who has started for the team since 2017. Gemini has often profiled as a “middle of the table” jungler in the LMS, but provides a stable presence for teams to build around their carries. Complementing him at jungle is former mid lane partner M1ission. M1ssion has also played for Hong Kong Attitude in the past, aiding in their 2017 World Championship qualification. However, more recently he played for Machi Esports, making it to the LMS Spring playoffs in 2018.

In addition to M1ssion, Error joins as the first mid laner from Macau since Lam “KuKu” Ka Fu played for Fireball in 2017. He spent the majority of 2018 in the Elite Challenger Series with Afro Beast and Kowloon Esports, making it to the LMS Promotion tournament with the latter. While he didn’t qualify for the LMS, he did place 2nd with the Macau national team at the IeSF Esports World Championship.

Kaiwing has been at the top of the support role since his LMS debut in 2016. Photo courtesy of Garena Esports.

In the bot lane, Hong Kong duo, Unified and Kaiwing, return as the team’s most stable roster fixture dating back to 2017. Both players were key to HKA’s 2017 Worlds qualification and have continued to perform as one of the best bot lanes in the LMS. Now that Hu “SwordArT” Shuo-Chieh has left Flash Wolves, they are set to dominate LMS bot lanes in 2019. Joining them is Hong Kong trainee MNM at the AD carry position.

Wong “Chawy” Xing-Lei will also be returning to coach HKA in 2019, playing as the team’s mid laner in 2018 before transitioning to a coaching role in the Summer Split. He will be joined by Wong “Skywalk” Chun Him, who has coached in the LMS since 2015 and most recently coached HKA in 2018 Summer.

HKA’s 2019 roster is as follows:

Top laner, 3z

Jungler, Gemini

Mid laner, M1ssion

Mid laner, Error

AD carry, Unified

AD carry, MNM

Support, Kaiwing

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