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The LMS third seed Hong Kong attitude secured their entry into the Worlds 2019 Group Stage after a 3-1 victory over Isurus Gaming. HKA only dropped the second game of the series, and saw no trouble closing the rest.

A lot of fans looked towards veteran Edgar “Seiya” Manguia to carry the team to Latin America’s first Worlds main event qualification. The mid laner did his best and put stellar Akali performance in game 2 that saw him finish 5/0/4 — as well as admirable KDA even in the games Isurus lost — but the team around him just couldn’t come together to withstand Hong Kong attitude. Top laner Mateo “Buggax” Zamora also had a great series and only really struggled in game 1, but Latin America’s stars will have to wait for another year to try and qualify for the main event.

On the side of HKA, support Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing stood out as the player of the series and took home the MVP of the match award. The highlight for HKA’s bot lane was a Syndra/Pyke duo in game 1 that saw Kaiwing finish 3/0/7 on the pirate next to 3/0/5 on Unified’s Syndra.

Hong Kong Attitude now join J Team and ahq e-Sports Club to try and put one last good show before the LMS is dissolved next year. Unfortunately for them, chances of making it past the group stage look grim. HKA can either get Group A with G2, Griffin and Cloud9, or the group of death with SKT, Fnatic and RNG.

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