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Griffin will play their last two matches from the regular LCK season without worrying about their position in the upcoming playoffs. Korea’s most dominant team secured its firm spot at the top of the table and are sure to enter the playoffs as the #1 seed.

The only way Griffin could’ve been dethroned — or at least be made vulnerable — required them to lose at least one of their matches in week 9. Having shown some gaps in their armor in week 8 in form of some stubborn drafting and inability to adapt to 9.4 changes, Griffin #1 was not at all solid coming into the penultimate week. All weakness had been cut away, however, to the disappointment of their LCK competition, and Griffin defeated Hanhwa Life and Damwong Gaming 2-0 both.

At 14-2, Griffin are safe even if they lose the next two games and #2 seed SKT win theirs, since Griffin had beaten Faker and co. twice already in their previous encounters.

The only thing Griffin can really do this week in influence Kingzone DragonX’s position in the standings. Griffin’s other match is against Jin Air Green Wings — a team already mathematically relegated from the LCK.

Life or death for legacy franchises

The last week of any season is a time of final reckoning and a number of old-time LCK franchises are in a terrible spot, desperately needing wins in the coming days.

KT Roster (4-12) are in the most danger. The “roller-coaster” team are playing HLE and DWG in week 10 and they need two wins if they want to escape relegation. They are racing against Gen.G (5-11) and Afreeca Freecs (5-12), who are playing some difficult opponents themselves. Neither of the three teams can make playoffs now — all they’re competing for now is safety from relegation.

The impact matches for these teams are:

GEN vs. DWG — Thu, Mar. 28
KT vs. HLE — Fri, Mar. 29
GEN vs. SB — Sat, Mar. 30
AF vs. SKT — Sat. Mar. 30
KT vs. DWG — Sun, Mar. 31

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