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After one last tiebreaker game, FunPlus Phoenix took the top seed in Group B and are headed for the Worlds 2019 Playoffs. The LPL champions, however, look unconvincing to many with losses to J Team and a shaky Splyce, and even showing flaws in their gameplay in the matches they win./

But for now, these hardships are behind the Phoenix as they look to mentally restart and tackle the playoffs as a top seed. At the end of the long day, the Chinese media sat down with top laner Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem to talk about the Splyce re-match, the emotional roller-coaster of the matches, and who’s the worst Ryze player.

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Today’s games were like riding a rollercoaster, how do you feel now?

I am bit tired but happy to have won.

How did you adjust yourselves to win the last game against SPY since you just lost to them earlier?

After losing to them, we focused a lot on finding out our mistakes and solving these problems. We believed we could defeat them if we met again and we did it.

Why did you send Ryze top and Renekton mid?

I wanted to give Doinb Ryze because it could carry me the whole game. But he said he wanted to play Renekton this time. And then I was like “Yes, if you want to play Renekton, just go for it”.

What’s the difference between your Ryze and his? Whose is better?

I am the worst Ryze player, while he is one of the best.

If you would name an MVP of your team through the whole group stage, who will it be? Also, in your words, who is the “daddy”?

The MVP is Doinb. As for the “daddy”, there are two daddies, Jungle Daddy and Mid Daddy.

This is your first time at Worlds, what do you think is the biggest difference between LPL and Worlds?

They like to play weird champions at Worlds and my brain was stuck sometimes.

Now there are many fans staying late to watch your games, being worried about you. Any words to say to them?

To those who just stayed up late for our games: Good night, and hope you have a good dream. To those who just get up: Today will be a good day for you. Love you all!

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