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For the first time ever in competitive League of Legends, there will be an all-western international grand final. On Saturday, G2 Esports defeated SK Telecom T1 in five games to make the 2019 MSI grand final, where Team Liquid are waiting.

In a highly-contested series, G2 delivered a performance to be remembered. Featuring an Akali pentakill from Rasmus “Caps” Winther to win game 2, a two-man backdoor to win game 4, and a masterclass Pyke from Martin “Wunder” Hansen led G2 to the final game.

This will be the second MSI grand final for G2, after losing the 2017 grand finals to SKT. The semifinals victory now comes both as a delayed revenge against the LCK dynasty and the catalyst for fans’ dream final scenario: EU vs. NA.

With this loss, LCK go home with four consecutive best-of-5 losses in international tournament, once again raising questions for the region’s overall strength. For the first time ever, a western team is guaranteed to win an international title, breaking a streak of 11 tournaments counting from Worlds 2012.

G2 Esports will play Team Liquid on Sunday, after the NA LCS champions 3-1’d Invictus Gaming Friday, recording the biggest upset in MSI history. The match will pit arguably the two best western players at the moment too, in Caps and Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

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