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It’s mathematically confirmed: G2 Espots will finish the LEC Spring Split on top of the regular season. With a record of 13-3 and just two more games to go, there is no one that can touch the “samurai” and they are guaranteed the best seed drawing for the playoffs.

G2 were very close of losing the guaranteed #1, however. In the match of the week against Vitality, G2 found themselves losing the early game hard with jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and top laner Martin “Wunder”
Hansen struggling on Lee Sin and Camille, respectively. With tight-knit play in the late-game, however, G2 turned the game around through a couple of excellent team fights and secured their top seed.

The penultimate weekend also filled four of the six playoffs spots, although the exact ranking is to be determined this weekend. Origen, Splyce and Team Vitality are all set to join G2 Esports in the playoffs.

LEC Spring Split playoffs teams (4/6)

  • G2 Esports
  • Origen
  • Splyce
  • Team Vitality

Teams still in the running

  • Fnatic (#5, 9-7)
  • Schalke 04 (#6, 8-8)
  • Misfits (#7, 7-9)
  • SK Gaming (#7, 7-9)

The next two playdays will be critical for the latter four teams. After a terrible start to the season, reigning champions Fnatic have found their footing and need at least one win to confirm their playoffs spot. Unfortunately for them, they are playing G2 and Splyce — two of the top teams in the league, so Fnatic will have to be in absolute top form if they want to advance.

For Schalke, Misfits and SK, things are even more on the edge. Misfits are also playing G2 and Splyce, just like Fnatic, while Schalke and SK have a balanced weekend, playing one strong and one weaker team.

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