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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.

Kt Rolster (LCK) vs Invictus Gaming (LPL)
Game 1
Picks and Bans:

Invictus Gaming open the series making kt Rolster look silly

KT are the first team to be aggressive in the first game of the series as Ucal and Score link up with their bot lane to secure the first two kills of the game as they take down JackeyLove and Baolan before the five minute mark. Rookie would head down to bot lane, after Ucal heads back for a shop, and with the use of the Lissandra ultimate would let iG answer with a kill of their own on Mata. After a team fight in the mid lane, kt Rolster use their health lead after the skirmish to secure the first drake. Continuing their control over the early game – KT would secure the first turret of the game in the top lane as Score would link up with Smeb to take down TheShy. Invictus Gaming wouldn’t lay down and give up though. A skirmish in the mid lane started by Ucal proves disastrous for KT as TheShy and iG would win the fight taking down both Ucal and Mata. With the skirmish won, Invictus Gaming would take mid outer tower and eventually the Ocean drake.

kt Rolster would attempt to take the iG mid outer tower with the Rift Herald, but Ning would engage on Smeb to start a skirmish. In the resulting team fight, Invictus Gaming would take down four members of KT and the inner mid lane tower. Using their lead and superior vision over baron, Invictus bait KT to check the area blind. The resulting team fight would see kt Rolster being routed and iG collecting the baron for themselves. With baron in hand, Invictus Gaming made short work of KT’s bot and mid lane inhibitors. KT would try to make a last stand at their nexus towers, but Invictus Gaming were too far ahead – taking down the Korean first seed.


kt Rolster: 4/17/11

Smeb: 0.6 KDA w/ 258 cs
Score: 2 KDA w/ 165 cs
Ucal: 0.75 KDA w/ 261 cs
Deft: 1 KDA w/ 275 cs
Mata: 0.6 KDA w/ 51 cs

Invictus Gaming: 17/4/50

The Shy: 14 KDA w/ 265 cs
Ning: 13 KDA w/ 152 cs
Rookie: 12 KDA w/ 281 cs
JackeyLove: 13 KDA w/ 301 cs
Baolan: 15 KDA w/ 14 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Game 2
Picks and Bans:

Invictus Gaming continue to dismantle the tournament favorite

Game two of the series started as bloody as the first game as both teams fight over the first rift scuttler. The skirmish would see Invictus Gaming coming out ahead picking kills on Score and Mata while Deft flashes after JackeyLove to get a kill for KT. Score and KT would try to punish the bot lane of Invictus Gaming but the resulting team fight would be terrible for kt Rolster as iG would rout kt Rolster. Invictus Gaming continue the snowball as a fight over the Rift Herald would have iG win the immediate skirmish taking four members kt Rolster off the map.

With their seven thousand gold lead and map advantage, iG would be able to secure the first two drakes of the game. Being as far down the hole as they were, kt Rolster were unable to challenge Invictus Gaming for the baron. On their baron power play, iG would take the bottom lane inhibitor but would lose the resulting team fight. Their comeback would be short lived. Invictus Gaming returned to the base and demolish KT in a team fight and take down the nexus to lead the series 2-0.


kt Rolster: 7/20/20

Smeb: 1.6 KDA w/ 218 cs
Score: 1.4 KDA w/ 145 cs
Ucal: 1.6 KDA w/ 173 cs
Deft: 3 KDA w/ 220 cs
Mata: 1.2 KDA w/ 47 cs

Invictus Gaming: 20/7/54

TheShy: 12 KDA w/ 216 cs
Ning: 14 KDA w/ 126 cs
Rookie: 15 KDA w/ 228 cs
JackeyLove: 3.5 KDA w/ 255 cs
Baolan: 19 KDA w/ 10 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Game 3
Picks and Bans:

KT win a miracle base race to keep the series alive

First blood took longer to occur in game three as Ning and TheShy executed a successful dive on Smeb and convert that kill into the first tower take. The game would slow down until Score makes a proactive play in the bot lane as he links up with Deft and Mata and they get a kill on JackeyLove. In a fight over the Infernal drake, JackeyLove would steal the drake due to Score early smiting. In the resulting team fight, KT would come out ahead 3-2 in kills. kt Rolster would get a second wind on that play as they would get two kills across the map and equalize the gold lead. Unfortunately for KT, TheShy’s lead over Smeb would prove to be too much for them. Rookie would link up with TheShy to get two kills on Smeb and would allow them to take the bot lane inhibitor.

Feeling the pressure, KT would force the baron and although they would be able to secure it, they would lose everyone but Score. On the side of iG, they would have TheShy still standing and he would teleport into the KT base and take down one of the nexus turrets. While trying to defend their top lane inhibitor, kt Rolster would attempt a four versus four team fight. Mata would get blown up during the engage, but the teams would trade two to two. While iG are taking the Elder drake, KT would take the baron. With the last few seconds of their baron power play, KT would win the base race versus TheShy by one auto attack. KT take their first win in the series as they hope for a reverse sweep.


kt Rolster: 16/13/40

Smeb: 1.8 KDA w/ 331 cs
Score: 13 KDA w/ 168 cs
Ucal: 9 KDA w/ 402 cs
Deft: 7 KDA w/ 458 cs
Mata: 2.5 KDA w/ 24 cs

Invictus Gaming: 13/16/30

TheShy: 3.5 KDA w/ 442 cs
Ning: 2 KDA w/ 210 cs
Rookie: 5.5 KDA w/ 333 cs
JackeyLove: 2 KDA w/ 456 cs
Baolan: 2.25 KDA w/ 50 cs

Winner: kt Rolster

Game 4
Picks and Bans:

After three disappointing games, Smeb got revenge as he outplayed a gank by Ning and not only got out alive but a kill on Ning. In the bottom lane, the power of the Tristana allowed Deft and KT get first tower take. In the mid lane, Invictus Gaming would attempt a proactive play onto Ucal. He would answer with a timely stopwatch and though he would die to red buff, Mata and Deft would show up in time and get kills onto Rookie and Ning. After the mid lane play, the game would slow down. Despite KT being able to take down the Rift Herald, Invictus Gaming would be able to stop KT from taking the buff. While KT would continue to play a controlled game and develop a gold and tower lead – Invictus Gaming would take a dragon lead. Score would get a pick onto Ning in the iG blue side jungle. In the resulting team fight, kt Rolster would force the iG base open and win the game without needing a baron fight.


kt Rolster: 7/2/14

Smeb: 6 KDA w/ 389 cs
Score: 3 KDA w/ 188 cs
Ucal: 2 KDA w/ 269 cs
Deft: 5 KDA w/ 428 cs
Mata: 5 KDA w/ 90 cs

Invictus Gaming: 2/7/2

Duke: 0 KDA w/ 334 cs
Ning: 0.3 KDA w/ 180 cs
Rookie: 2 KDA w/ 338 cs
JackeyLove: 0 KDA w/ 397 cs
Baolan: 1 KDA w/ 82 cs

Winner: kt Rolster

Game 5
Picks and Bans:

Invictus Gaming upset the tournament’s favorites and punch their tickets to semifinals

It would be Invictus Gaming who would find first blood as Ning and Rookie would link up to get a kill on Ucal before the eight minute mark. iG would continue the aggression with Ning and Rookie joining their bot lane to get a kill onto Mata. They would then convert that kill into getting the early Ocean drake. Ning would continue the iG high pace game as he would get Rift Herald, but Smeb and Ucal would be able to get a pick on him afterwards. While the teams would be even in kills, Invictus Gaming would be up in gold thanks to being up on turrets. And with their gold lead and item advantage, Invictus Gaming would be able to maintain perfect drake control.

As the teams would hit the late game, a long team fight started by TheShy with the Sion ultimate Score would be able to get a pick onto Baolan. With the pick, KT would feel they could play forward, but the burst damage from Ning, Rookie, and JackeyLove would prove to be too much for kt Rolster. The iG marksmen would flash forward in the end of the team fight and pick off the KT lineup getting a triple kill. With KT routed, iG would be able to secure the baron. On their baron power play Invictus game would take both the mid inhibitor. While pressuring the bot lane inhibitor, iG would force KT to sacrifice a nexus turret to keep the bot inhibitor up. With the Elder dragon buff in had, Invictus Gaming would take the bottom lane inhibitor and try to force the top lane inhibitor turret down. Another heated team fight in the mid lane would see the two teams trading a kill each. But with only one nexus tower, KT are forced to allow Invictus Gaming to take the second baron of the game. With the second baron power play, iG would use their lead to take down the tournament favorites and progress to the semi finals.


kt Rolster: 7/12/13

Smeb: 2.5 KDA w/ 289 cs
Score: 2.5 KDA w/ 214 cs
Ucal: 1 KDA w/ 317 cs
Deft: 2 KDA w/ 495 cs
Mata: 1 KDA w/ 98 cs

Invictus Gaming: 12/7/25

Duke: 2.6 KDA w/ 306 cs
Ning: 8 KDA w/ 300 cs
Rookie: 3.5 KDA w/ 346 cs
JackeyLove: 9 KDA w/ 474 cs
Baolan: 5 KDA w/ 58 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Royal Never Give Up (LPL) vs G2 Esports (EU LCS)
Game 1
Picks and Bans:

Royal Never Give Up decimate game one versus G2 Esports

After getting an early boots purchase, Jankos is able to use Predator to help Hjarnan get first blood on Ming. Hoping to equalize on the play, Xiaohu would complete a teleport to the bot lane in hopes of assisting Uzi in getting a trade kill but the play proved unsuccessful. Despite getting first blood, Uzi and Ming, as Lucian and Leona, use their lane bully power to get first tower. Royal Never Give Up decide to continue their up tempo play by putting Uzi in the top side of the map to knockdown the top tower. With the top tower secured, RNG would rotate to the Rift Herald – Jankos would try to steal but instead would just end up sacrificing his life. They would immediately summon the Rift Herald in the mid lane to take down the last of G2 Esports outer towers.

After a pick onto Wunder in the G2 blue side jungle, RNG would take down Hjarnan, Jankos, and Perkz. With the man advantage, Royal Never Give Up would knock down the rest of the G2 bot lane towers. RNG would leverage their lead into a baron take. With the baron in hand, there was little G2 could do to stop Royal Never Give Up from dismantling their base. With the final hit onto the enemy nexus, RNG go up in the series one game to none.


Royal Never Give Up: 12/4/33

Letme: 7 KDA w/ 263 cs
Karsa: 10 KDA w/ 213 cs
Xiaohu: 8 KDA w/ 248 cs
Uzi: 11 KDA w/ 381 cs
Ming: 4.5 KDA w/ 52 cs

G2 Esports: 4/12/10

Wunder: 0.6 KDA w/ 331 cs
Jankos: 1.3 KDA w/ 138 cs
Perkz: 0.6 KDA w/ 335 cs
Hjarnan: 1.5 KDA w/ 314 cs
Wadid: 3 KDA w/ 8 cs

Winner: Royal Never Give Up

Game 2
Picks and Bans:

Royal Never Give Up fall to the pressure of the G2 Esports 1-3-1 play style

Similar to game one, Royal Never Give Up are willing to sacrifice farm in the mid lane for Xiaohu in exchange for pressure in the bot lane. And while it doesn’t translate into first blood on either Hjarnan or Wadid, Uzi is able to get first tower once again. First blood would come in the top lane, as Jankos, Wunder, and Perkz dive Letme. Letme would have the aid of Xiaohu and Karsa and although Perkz would kill Karsa, Karsa would get the trade kill on Perkz thanks to turret damage. The fighting wouldn’t stop as the mid and jungle duos would trade kills on the junglers in the mid lane. RNG would attempt the Rift Herald but would be bullied off by G2. G2 would be able to secure the herald but would lose Jankos and Wadid in the resulting skirmish. RNG would initiate a play to catch out Wunder but instead Uzi and Ming would be caught by Perkz with an Irelia stun. G2 would be quick to burst out and take down the RNG bot lane and convert the play into a mid lane tower.

The game was going at a slower pace until G2 would overcommit on an attempt to catch out Xiaohu that would see them blowing a lot of ultimates and Wadid giving up his life. The game would be blown open after RNG would catch out Wunder. As they try to make a pick onto Perkz, the G2 mid laner is able to stall the skirmish long enough for the rest of his team to show up. In the extended skirmish, Uzi would get picked off as he face checks a Jankos. With RNG getting routed, G2 Esports are able to convert the team fight victory into a baron take. The baron power play would allow G2 to crack the Royal base as they would take top and mid inhibitors. Hjarnan would hit a Varus ultimate onto Uzi and in the resulting team fight G2 would be able to win the fight and take down the nexus; tieing up the series.


G2 Esports: 16/7/39

Wunder: 10 KDA w/ 346 cs
Jankos: 13 KDA w/ 170 cs
Perkz: 3.3 KDA w/ 381 cs
Hjarnan: 11 KDA w/ 322 cs
Wadid: 5.5 KDA w/ 65 cs

Royal Never Give Up: 7/16/18

Letme: 2 KDA w/ 250 cs
Karsa: 1.2 KDA w/ 169 cs
Xiaohu: 3 KDA w/ 296 cs
Uzi: 1.3 KDA w/ 365 cs
Ming: 1 KDA w/ 16 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 3
Picks and Bans:

Royal Never Game roar back with a fast and commanding victory

Game three would start bloody as a cheeky invade by G2 Esports would allow them to collect first blood on an unsuspecting Uzi. Uzi would get revenge though as Ming would find a good engage onto Wadid, allowing Uzi to blow Hjarnan’s heal and get the kill onto Wadid. The game would continue in favor of Royal Never Give Up as they would collect two more kills on the map and get a three turrets to one lead. Unlike the previous game, Wunder falls behind Letme as the Poppy was able to bully the Aatrox in the one versus one matchup. Royal Never Give Up trade their mid laner and mid lane turret in order to expand their lead by taking baron. After securing the baron and with picks onto both Perkz and Wunder – RNG makes short work of G2 Esports and take the lead in the series with the fastest game yet.


Royal Never Give Up: 8/3/10

Letme: 3 KDA w/ 227 cs
Karsa: 5 KDA w/ 135 cs
Xiaohu: 4 KDA w/ 251 cs
Uzi: 3 KDA w/ 315 cs
Ming: 3 KDA w/ 35 cs

G2 Esports: 3/8/5

Wunder: 0.3 KDA w/ 192 cs
Jankos: 1 KDA w/ 108 cs
Perkz: 1 KDA w/ 275 cs
Hjarnan: 2 KDA w/ 235 cs
Wadid: 2 KDA w/ 39 cs

Winner: Royal Never Give Up

Game 4
Picks and Bans:

G2 Esports utterly demolish Royal Never Give Up and force a game 5

G2 Esports find an early first blood as Perkz and Jankos would win the two versus two against Xiaohu and Karsa as they take down Xiaohu. Ming would roam from the bot lane to try to convert a kill on the play but he would end up giving up his life and giving G2 a two thousand gold lead before the ten minute mark. The map continues to fall apart for Royal Never Give Up as G2 get first tower in the bottom lane and also are able to take the Rift Herald for free. Royal would try to be proactive on the map, but each attempt would be squashed by G2 Esports. With their eight thousand gold lead, G2 would bully RNG on the map as they would continue to knock down towers and secure drakes. After routing RNG in a top lane fight, G2 would take the baron. In the resulting baron power play, G2 Esports would easily take down two of RNG’s inhibitors. With their 16 thousand gold lead – G2 are able to exert the will onto Royal Never Give Up and take the series into a game five. Queue the Silver Scrapes.


G2 Esports: 15/1/24

Wunder: 7 KDA w/ 320 cs
Jankos: 8 KDA w/ 182 cs
Perkz: 11 KDA w/ 297 cs
Hjarnan: 7 KDA w/ 334 cs
Wadid: 6 KDA w/ 45 cs

Royal Never Give Up: 1/15/4

Letme: 1 KDA w/ 214 cs
Karsa: 0.2 KDA w/ 149 cs
Xiaohu: 0.3 KDA w/ 196 cs
Uzi: 0.5 KDA w/ 319 cs
Ming: 0.25 KDA w/ 13 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 5
Picks and Bans:

Perkz and G2 Esports put an end to the Year of the Mad Dog

G2 Esports throws down the gauntlet as they were the first ones to make a bot lane play. Wadid would land the Winter’s Bite onto Uzi and then flash to land the stun. With Jankos in lane, G2 are able to get first blood on the Royal Never Give Up marksman. The next kill would come in the mid lane as Jankos would once again be a thorn for RNG as he and Perkz would secure a kill on Xiaohu. Royal Never Give Up would be able to get a kill on to Wadid in the bot lane thanks to Mlxg and the Paranoia. With the kill secured and the pressure applied by Xiaohu, RNG were able to take first tower. G2 would answer by securing the Infernal drake but while that was happening, RNG were content to take the Rift Herald for themselves. Royal Never Give Up would think they had a proactive play on to Hjarnan and Wadid but Jankos would show up and take down Ming. Perkz would also roam to the top lane and with his burst and the Jihn ultimate, G2 Esports would also collect kills onto Mlxg.

Despite a massive gold lead, while G2 Esports start a team fight after a baron bait – Royal Never Give Up are able to trade even in kills and buy themselves more time in the game. G2 would make the same attempt two more times before properly executing the play. After taking baron and with G2 Esports monumental lead – G2 are able to upset the tournament’s favorites and end the Year of the Mad Dog.


Royal Never Give Up: 6/19/20

Letme: 1.6 KDA w/ 243 cs
Mlxg: 1.6 KDA w/ 151 cs
Xiaohu: 1.6 KDA w/ 387 cs
Uzi: 1.2 KDA w/ 452 cs
Ming: 1 KDA w/ 47 cs

G2 Esports: 19/6/54

Wunder: 5 KDA w/ 406 cs
Jankos: 15 KDA w/ 229 cs
Perkz: 15 KDA w/ 345 cs
Hjarnan: 13 KDA w/ 425 cs
Wadid: 3.75 KDA w/ 67 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

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