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FunPlus Phoenix swept G2 Esports 3-0 in the grand finals of the 2019 League of Legends World Championship to raise the Summoner’s Cup in front of the Parisian crowd. The win ends G2’s incredible run, which featured them going over SK Telecom T1 and making them the biggest favorites for the trophy.

G2 opened the series with a Pyke flex pick which ended on Rasmus “Caps” Winther against Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang Nautilus. Where the action ended up happening, however, was in the top lane, with FunPlus Phoenix focusing G2’s Ryze and getting their Gangplank ahead.

The plan worked. Martin “Wunder” Hanssen struggled to maintain his lane, while Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem was having the time of his life. Down bot, Lin “LWX” Wei-Xiang was playing a flawless Sivir and by the time the mid game came, G2 were now facing an FPX squad that was strong in every position.

Every objective fight also went FPX’s favor, but the one that really hurt G2 was the first Baron. Unlike SKT in the semifinal, the Chinese wasted no time. The baron push downed G2’s mid inhibitor and opened the base for taking. While G2 were able to throw a Hail Mary counter attack and take an inhibitor of their own, FPX were already ahead in every conceivable way, with their Sivir shredding the teamfights. FPX 1-0 G2.

Instead of striking back to even the series, G2 played a much weaker game 2 and FPX rolled over them to get on match point. While G2 took the first dragon, they paid with three lives for this objective, which put FPX on 3K+ lead at 10 minutes. Another 10 minutes later, the gold lead was doubled. Unkillable once again, Lwx on Kai’sa carried FPX to a landslide victory, 20-4 in kills by 25th minute.

Game 3 started on even footing and even when FPX held a steady 3K gold lead until the 25th minute mark and took the first baron, it didn’t feel they were too far ahead. Luka “Perkz” Perkovic’s Ezreal was the start for G2 in teamfights, dealing the majority of their damage while staying alive, and for the longest time, the EU fans had hopes the series would not end with a quick and disappointing 3-0.

These hopes collapsed when FPX found G2 in the jungle to take three kills and squash the LEC champions. From there, all that separated the Phoenix from the Summoner’s Cup is the final pro forma minutes of the match.

With this, the Summoner’s Cup stays in China and FPX deny the West what could’ve been their first Worlds championship.

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