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FunPlus Phoenix will celebrate the Chinese New Year as the current best team in the LPL rankings. Today, FPX took down Suning in the most exciting series of the week and deal the first loss to Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang, Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh and co.

FPX had to fight from a 0-1 deficit after game 1, and their rally became a major entertaining point in the series. Game 2 was a teamfight fiesta with too many turns and twists to count.

The game first heated up when FPX took Baron underneath Suning’s nose and, feeling buffed up, chased their opponents down the blue jungle in attempt to slaughter them and close the game. One thing they didn’t account for, however, was Han “Smlz” Jin’s Ezreal and just how fed he was. Going through the choke points, FPX became perfect targets for Ezreal’s spell barrage and Suning cleared Phoenix in a huge teamfight victory.

A few minutes later, another fight broke out and this time FPX prevailed. The underdogs took this as a sign they can push Suning’s base and they almost got to the Nexus. The only thing that kept Suning alive was an oustanding 1v4 from the least likely player: top laner Xie “XiaoAL” Zhen-Ying. Alone against the bulk of Phoenix, XiaoAL’s Urgot held the base in an incredible feat of strength, buying Suning a few more minutes, but the game was already too much into FPX’s favor for them to lose it.

Game 3 was lower in kills but just as contested, going for 50 minutes before a Nexus would fall. FPX stayed in a marginal lead for the majority of the game but struggled finding a definitive team fight to win in the mid game. So, they had to do it in steps. Their first Elder Dragon buff push couldn’t breach Suning’s base but gave them enough gold lead to contest without trouble the second one. It was there that the game was sealed.

Suning ran in to contest the Dragon, but FPX were too far ahead in terms of… everything. DoinB’s Urgot and Lwx’s Varus were too farmed the damage that poured was devastating. Doinb ended the game with 75% kill participation on a 7/3/5 score, while Lwx rocked a flawless 4/0/7 on his Varus. Against them stood an unconvincing Cassiopea from Smlz and Akali from Maple. There was no one to carry Suning and thus the LPL super team was dethroned.

FunPlus Phoenix are now the only undefeated team in the LPL, getting ahead of not just Suning but reigning world champions Invictus Gaming as well. FPX will play their next game once LPL returns after the Chinese New Year celebrations, with week 4 beginning on Feb. 15.

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