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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.

Game 1 – Fnatic (EU LCS) vs 100 Thieves (NA LCS)
Picks and Ban:

Fnatic dismantle 100 Thieves as the continue their march to the first seed

First blood would come early this game as after an aggressive dive by Caps on Ryu, Broxah would be able to follow it up with a Lee Sin Sonic Wave. 100 Thieves would try to get the return kill, but Hylissang rotating up first from the bot lane would allow the Fnatic to jungler to survive by the skin of his teeth. With first blood and an advantage in the jungle, Fnatic would start the early game with a 1K gold lead. Broxah would attempt to return to the scene of the crime for another kill, but Ryu and AnDa outplay the engage and also waste the Fnatic teleport from the top lane as sOAZ attempted to help secure a kill on the play. After a pick onto Aphromoo in his blue side jungle, Fnatic begin the Infernal drake. AnDa would try to interrupt the take, but Broxah would still secure of the drake and Fnatic would take another kill on Ryu.

100 Thieves make their first proactive play in the Fnatic red side jungle as they teleport Ssumday to flank Broxah and get the shut down onto him and pick off Hylissang. However, they would overstay for the bot lane tower and Fnatic would rout the Thieves in the follow up teamfight as well as get first tower take. With their gold lead and the Rift Herald, Fnatic would be able to take all of the 100 Thieves mid lane towers in one push. Fnatic leverage their 9K gold lead to take the baron uncontested at the 30 minute mark. With their power of the baron in their hands, Fnatic barrel through the bot lane and dismantle the 100 Thieves lineup and nexus to go 3-1 in the group.


Fnatic: 14/4/37

sOAZ: 9 KDA w/ 233 cs
Broxah: 10 KDA 180 cs
Caps: 11 KDA w/ 301 cs
Rekkles: 13 KDA w/ 381 cs
Hylissang: 8 KDA w/ 50 cs

100 Thieves: 4/14/13

Ssumday: 2 KDA w/ 303 cs
AnDa: 2 KDA w/ 143 cs
Ryu: 1 KDA w/ 251 cs
Rikara: 0.5 KDA w/ 293 cs
Aphromoo: 1.5 KDA w/ 26 cs

Winner: Fnatic

Game 2 – G-Rex (LMS) vs Invictus Gaming (LPL)
Picks and Ban:

Invictus Gaming dominate their game against G-Rex and secure their Knockout Stage birth

Teams start the game bloody early as Rookie an Ning set up a bush gank on Empt2y and secure first blood on the G-Rex jungler. But as the play progressed, Candy was able to answer with a kill onto Rookie. The top side would be a weak point on the map, as PK would lose the Aatrox into Urgot matchup versus Duke. And although a gank by Ning wouldn’t result in a kill, it would set PK further behind and blow his summoners. Ning would return to the scene of the crime and help Duke secure a kill onto PK. iG would make a proactive dive on the G-Rex bot lane and while they would get an initial kill onto Empt2y, G-Rex would come out ahead in the resulting team fight as they would get three kills to Invictus’ two. Invictus would make a turret dive on to Empt2y and Candy resulting in two more kills. Not done there, they would continue the pressure to secure a drake and successfully dive bot lane collecting kills on Koala and PK. With their lead, Invictus are able to collect the baron and with their power play are able to make short work of the LMS third seed and eliminate them from Quarterfinals contention.


G-Rex: 5/13/11

PK: 1 KDA w/ 173 cs
Empt2y: 0.3 KDA w/ 115 cs
Candy: 2 KDA w/ 230 cs
Stitch: 3 KDA w/ 257 cs
Koala: 1.3 KDA w/ 36 cs

Invictus Gaming: 13/5/24

Duke: 9 KDA w/ 229 cs
Ning: 9 KDA w/ 169 cs
Rookie: 4.5 KDA w/ 271 cs
JackeyLove: 5 KDA w/ 277 cs
Baolan: 5 KDA w/ 52 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Game 3 – Fnatic (EU LCS) vs G-Rex (LMS)
Picks and Ban:

Fnatic continue to look dominant on the second half of the round robin

Like the previous games on the day, action comes early as Bwipo almost turns an early gank by baybay into first blood as he outplays both the jungler and top laner of G-Rex. The action would continue to be non stop as a fight would immediately break out in the bottom lane that would see Hylissang getting first blood onto Koala and the G-Rex duo getting a return to kill onto Rekkles. Caps would follow up on the play with roam from the mid lane and get a kill on Stitch. While all this was happening, Broxah got a kill onto PK between the top outer and inner tower. Fnatic would be the first to secure towers and maintain a kill and gold lead. G-Rex would answer by securing the first and second drakes. G-Rex would try to counter engage on to Fnatic at the top inner tower, but it would prove disastrous for them as Fnatic would rout the LMS third seed. With the fight won, Fnatic would secure an early baron. With baron in hand, Fnatic win a team fight through the bot lane and win their game versus G-Rex quickly.


Fnatic: 18/5/35

Bwipo: 9 KDA w/ 226 cs
Broxah: 12 KDA w/ 129 cs
Caps: 4.5 KDA w/ 242 cs
Rekkles: 11 KDA w/ 265 cs
Hylissang: 12 KDA w/ 41 cs

G-Rex: 5/18/8

PK: 0.5 KDA w/ 182 cs
Empt2y: 0.75 KDA w/ 129 cs
Candy: 0.75 KDA w/ 197 cs
Stitch: 1.5 KDA w/ 238 cs
Koala: 0.5 KDA w/ 19 cs

Winner: Fnatic

Game 4 – 100 Thieves (NA LCS) vs Invictus Gaming (LPL)
Picks and Ban:

The Shy comes in for Invictus Gaming and with Rookie dominate the game versus 100 Thieves

In the early stages of the game, Ryu continues his trend of being killed one versus one by the enemy mid laner as Rookie secures first blood on him before the five minute mark. Invictus Gaming continues the tempo as Ning links up with his bot lane to as they get all of 100 Thieves’ bot lane summoners and get a kill on Rikara. The game would continue to be bloody as in the top lane Invictus Gaming is able to secure three kills as Rookie would be the benefactor of two of them. 100 Thieves would punish the Invictus Gaming aggression as after iG pulls off a dive on Rikara and Aphromoo, 100 Thieves is able to collect three kills of their own and take the first turret of the game. In spite of this, Invictus are the ones to secure the first drake of the game and maintain a 2K gold lead. 100 Thieves would think they have the surprise engage on iG but in the resulting team fight, the LPL second seed would easily rout the Thieves while only losing Ning in the fight.

The Thieves would make another proactive play on Invictus Gaming getting a clean pick onto JackeyLove and Baolan. 100 Thieves would try to continue the play, attempting to get more picks before they attempt the baron. However, Rookie and The Shy are much stronger than a 100 Thieves roster that used most of their ults and the solo laners of iG rout the Thieves and get the baron. Being up ten thousand gold – Invictus take the bot lane tower and inhibitor on their power play and transition it into a mid inhibitor take as well. 100 Thieves would make a last stand at their top inner tower, but being so far behind it doesn’t amount to anything as they lose the fight. With the team fight won, iG win are able to take down the nexus.


100 Thieves: 12/21/26

Ssumday: 1.5 KDA w/ 253 cs
AnDa: 2.5 KDA w/ 156 cs
Ryu: 1.4 KDA w/ 191 cs
Rikara: 1.4 KDA w/ 238 cs
Aphromoo: 2.6 KDA w/ 31 cs

Invictus Gaming: 21/12/43

Duke: 10 KDA w/ 300 cs
Ning: 5.3 KDA w/ 142 cs
Rookie: 5.3 KDA w/ 264 cs
JackeyLove: 2.75 KDA w/ 286 cs
Baolan: 5.5 KDA w/ 51 cs

Winner: Invictus Gaming

Game 5 – G-Rex (LMS) vs 100 Thieves (NA LCS)
Picks and Ban:

AnDa’s early and frequent aggression allows 100 Thieves to end Worlds on a high note

The final day of Worlds 2018 group play continues to be a fast and bloody one as Aphromoo attempts to get a kill on to Stitch during an invade on the G-Rex red buff. Stitch would blow all of his summoners and Aphromoo almost dies, barely getting out alive. First blood would come before the three minute mark as AnDa would get a kill on Empt2y as the G-Rex jungler was invading. AnDa would then show up in the mid lane and get a kill on to Candy with the assistance of Ryu. The game would continue to be bloody as AnDa and the Thieves bot lane would get a kill on to Stitch. But the G-Rex squad would not take the aggression lying down as they would secure a kill onto Ssumday on the top side as he tried to return to his outer tower.

The 100 Thieves continue their aggression as they secure more kills through the bot lane, allowing themselves to get the first tower of the game. The glue allowing the Thieves to have the lead they developed is their jungler who secures six kills in the early game. However, for G-Rex, they would find solace in the fact that PK was winning his match up into Ssumday. In the top side of the map, the Thieves would win a four versus four team fight that would see them securing the top outer tower and the Rift Herald. After 100 Thieves win a team fight started by G-Rex in the mid lane, the Thieves would take down the baron and get a kill on Koala on the backside of the play. On the last minute of their power play, the Thieves are able to crack open the G-Rex base by taking the bot lane inhibitor. After a second baron take, G-Rex would try to make a heroic last stand in the mid lane, but being down 17K gold would prove to be too much for them to overcome. The Thieves would win the fight and end the game able to end their first Worlds appearance on a win.


G-Rex: 9/27/13

PK: 1 KDA w/ 287 cs
Empt2y: 0.6 KDA w/ 134 cs
Candy: 1 KDA w/ 295 cs
Stitch: 1 KDA w/ 311 cs
Koala: 0.6 KDA w/ 18 cs

100 Thieves: 27/9/64

Ssumday: 5 KDA w/ 297 cs
AnDa: 12.5 KDA w/ 184 cs
Ryu: 15 KDA w/ 336 cs
Rikara: 10 KDA w/ 320 cs
Aphromoo: 10.5 KDA w/ 40 cs

Winner: 100 Thieves

Game 6 – Invictus Gaming (LPL) vs Fnatic (EU LCS)
Picks and Ban:

Fnatic topple Invictus Gaming and force a tiebreaker match for the first seed

Fnatic find first blood in the early game as Broxah links up with Rekkles and Hylissang to secure a kill onto Baolan. The game continues to be aggressive as as Ning and Rookie think they have caught Aatrox but when Broxah shows up for the counter gank the Fnatic duo get a kill on Ning. As the play continues, Baolan would assist Rookie in getting a trade kill on Caps but Rookie would die to Cap’s ignite. Fnatic would continue play the game fast and aggressive, often Rekkles alone in a lane as the Tristana to take down towers and accelerate the gold lead. On the Lee Sin, Ning did not look like the same jungler who facilitated Invictus Gaming’s victories. JackeyLove would find himself consistently being picked off on the map by Rekkles as Kai’Sa is weaker in the early game compared to the easier power spike of Tristana. With their turret and gold advantage, Fnatic are able to brute force a team fight in the iG blue side jungle. With the victory their able to secure the baron. On their power play, Fnatic are able to easily knock down the nexus of Invictus Gaming and force a tie breaker match for the first seed.


Invictus Gaming: 4/15/7

The Shy: 2 KDA w/ 280cs
Ning: 0.25 KDA w/ 140cs
Rookie: 1 KDA w/ 273cs
JackeyLove: 0.5 KDA w/ 269cs
Baolan: 3 KDA w/ 37cs

Fnatic: 15/4/30

Bwipo: 7 KDA w/ 247cs
Broxah: 6 KDA w/ 165cs
Caps: 5 KDA w/ 220cs
Rekkles: 10 KDA w/ 315cs
Hylissang: 11 KDA w/ 56cs

Winner: Fnatic

Tiebreaker for First Seed – Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming
Picks and Bans:

Fnatic thank Mr. Broxah for the Group D first seed

The game starts bloody as Broxah makes a level two gank in the bottom lane and takes down JackeyLove for first blood. Broxah would return to the scene of the crime and with a flashless JackeyLove Fnatic would secure onto both him and Baolan. Not willing to lay down to the Fnatic aggression, Ning and Rookie link up for a successful turret dive onto Caps to get Invictus their first kill of the game. Ning would then link up with Duke in the top lane and although Bwipo would kill onto him in the one versus two, Duke would get the trade kill onto Bwipo. Fnatic would secure this first drake and but would sacrifice Broxah in the process. Invictus Gaming would answer with the first tower take but would lose two in the resulting team fight. The game would continue to be fast and bloody as Broxah would continue to find picks all over the map and Caps’s Akali has enough magic resistance to stand up to Rookie.

As Fnatic begin to take the second Infernal drake, Invictus Gaming are late on the contest. In the resulting team fight, Fnatic would take down Duke, Ning, and Rookie. With all of the power of the Invictus roster routed, Fnatic take the baron. With baron in hand, Fnatic goes up to an eight thousand gold lead through their power play. Fnatic would bait Invictus into their own red side jungle on the second baron spawn. In the resulting teamfight, Fnatic would take down Duke and Baolan. With two members of iG down, Fnatic get the second baron uncontested. With the power of baron and the massive gold and experience lead, Fnatic end the game and take the first seed of Group D.


Fnatic: 24/13/56

Bwipo: 4.67 KDA w/ 243cs
Broxah: 8.5 KDA w/ 194cs
Caps: 5 KDA w/ 294cs
Rekkles: 11 KDA w/ 359cs
Hylissang: 7.33 KDA w/ 25cs

Invictus Gaming: 13/24/25

Duke: 1.5 KDA w/ 291cs
Ning: 1.83 KDA w/ 139cs
Rookie: 2.33 KDA w/ 294cs
JackeyLove: 1.6 KDA w/ 341cs
Baolan: 1.4 KDA w/ 74cs

Winner: Fnatic

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