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FlyQuest secured a top 3 finish in the LCS Spring Playoffs by eliminating Team SoloMid 3-2 in one of the most tense games in the playoffs so far. FLY are just now one more win away from making the grand finals, where Cloud9 is already waiting.

The series opened with a bloodbath of a game 1 with 46 kills total in its 47 minutes of game time. At the 34 minute mark, TSM held a healthy 4.5K gold lead, but individual picks here and there, as well as good side lane pressure allowed FLY to melt it down step by step. In the final minutes of the game, FLY mustered a what looked to be a game-winning offensive, but TSM held the base valiantly, while Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg teleported down for a backdoor snipe on the Nexus to give TSM the 1-0 lead.

FLY took the next two games to arrive at match point, largely thanks to Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage’s great individual performance on Orianna (5/1/3) and Azir (9/2/4). Down bottom, Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun also made strong argument for winning series MVP, playing his signature Rakan with textbook perfection.

FLY set up a great draft in game 4 as well, pairing Kalista with Blitzcrank, another one of IgNar’s best champions, but they couldn’t stop Bjergsen’s Sylas in any way, which resulted in the fastest game of the series. TSM started by killing Colin “Solo” Earnest twice before the fifth minute mark, while turning around every single gank Lucas” Santorin” Larsen tried to execute onto Bjergsen. By the end of the game at minute 24, TSM led by 11K gold — a steamrolling performance that promised an explosive finish to the series in game 5.

In a reverse-mirror to game 4, game 5 was all FlyQuest, start to finish. PowerOfEvil took first blood on Sejuani during the level 1 skirmish and then pocketed two more kills in the first bigger team fight. At 15 minutes, FLY were ahead by 6K gold and it was crystal clear there was no way out for TSM: this would be the end to their LCS playoffs run, awarding them only a 4th place finish.

FlyQuest now move on to face Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket final, a re-match from their upper bracket semifinal face-off. EG took the previous encounter 3-1, winning two of their games before the 30-minute mark. EG are also only the second team to take a game off Cloud9 all season and are looking as the favorites to make it to the grand finals.

EG and FLY will play each other this Saturday, April 18. The winner will face Cloud9 the next day for the title.

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