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Korea is off to a great start in the Rift Rivals race. The LCK teams won all three of their opening games, prevailing not just the LMS-VCS, but also one of the strongest LPL teams too.

In the first match of the tournament, SK Telecom T1 delivered a harsh beating to Flash Wolves. The kings of LMS have been having a rough Summer season, currently last in the league at 1-5, and were clearly not prepared to face SKT either. It took SKT 27 minutes to finish the reigning LMS champions, closing the game at 12-2 in kills, where the only two deaths they gave up was to the fountain while the Nexus was falling down.

DAMWONG Gaming had a bit more contested, longer bout but in the end Korea prevailed again. Giving up zero towers to EVOS Esports, DWG broke down the Taiwanese team at minute 33 on the back of MVP Akali performance by Heo “ShowMaker” Su and 0/0/11 Karma by Lee “Flame” Ho-jong.

The next match was the much expected face-off between Kingzone and the current LPL leaders, FunPlus Phoenix, but that game too went decisively into LCK’s favor. It took some time for KZ’s composition to come online but once it did, Yoo “Naehyun” Nae-hyun’s Azir and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu’s Lucian were show-stoppers. LIke DWG, Kingzone played a near-perfect macro game and gave away only a single tower.

Now, only JD Gaming stand in the way of a perfect day 1 for Korea. In the last match of the day, JDG face LCK’s ranking leaders Griffin in another face-off that heavily favors LCK, at least on paper.

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