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Today, Inven reported that Sung “Flawless” Yeon-Jun has left LoL Pro League team Rogue Warriors. He will explore the free agent market and currently prefers the opportunity to play on a Korean team. Rogue Warriors was a top Chinese team for most of the year, representing the LPL at Rift Rivals and doing well in domestic playoffs, but failed to qualify for the World Championship.

Flawless on stage. Courtesy of Rogue Warriors Weibo

Flawless has played in the LPL for two years, first joining IMay in 2017 after playing with Sbenu for two years in Korea. Flawless joined Rogue Warriors this year, earning the best summer LPL record in the Western conference, but failed to take an LPL title or appear at Worlds. Flawless has a reputation as a highly skilled carry type jungler, but has yet to consistently succeed at the competitive level.

Given his desire to play on a Korean team in the future, it is likely that there are opportunities in Challengers Korea. However, there are numerous young junglers to compete with for starting spots at the LoL Champions Korea level. Assuming that he is open to playing in the LPL again, there are many teams willing to enlist his services, especially since two new teams will be joining the league.

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