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Tomás “Aloned” Díaz is the mid laner of Rainbow7, the only Latin American team that has participated in Worlds 2020, and one of the firsts to be eliminated from the biggest tournament of the year.

Not being considered one of the major regions, LLA could only have one representative in this event, starting in the Play-in Stage. The new Play-in format divided the teams into two groups, A and B, and Rainbow7 ended being in the last one.

Their Bo1 series started being a complete mess, but they managed to get a couple of victories so they didn’t end the lasts of the group. Because of that, the new step for them was to play the Bo5 series where LGD Gaming, the Chinese fourth seed, was waiting for them.

The LPL representative was in a very similar situation. They avoided falling to the last place in the group thanks to a victory against V3 Esports, but still, their performance had been very poor in the Bo1. In the B05 series between these two, everything could have happened, but LGD Gaming destroyed Rainbow7, won them 3-0, didn’t give them a single chance to stay.

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Despite the loss and elimination, Aloned had some time to speak with us and share his impressions, in an exclusive interview for VPEsports:

Hello Aloned, you have just played against the Chinese fourth seed in your first Bo5 at Worlds. Do you feel unlucky to have faced them instead of any other team?

There were very strong teams in the Play-in, like MAD Lions or Team Liquid, and we would have had to face them anyway, so there is not a big difference.

You have been playing Bo1 during the last few days and suddenly you are facing LGD Gaming in a Bo5 series. How have you prepared for that? And, how do you think you have performed in the series?

It felt different. The team’s atmosphere was always good, in the LLA Finals we started losing 0-2 and we won, so here we never stopped trying. Actually, in the third game, we had a pretty decent early game.

We didn’t do anything special to prepare this series, we only studied more variety of drafts and possible scenarios that could happen, but nothing else.

When you were 0-2, you said that you guys never stop trying, but how was the atmosphere/motivation of the team at that moment?

I think we were pretty calm. We even told some jokes… we had hope and the feeling that we could be able to turn the series around. That is why we started so good in the last game, we always believed and thought we could come back.

Are you happy with your own performance?

In the first two games of the Play-in Stage, we played pretty bad, and we lost both of them. We played so badly as a team. In general, I don’t think I had a good performance, but it was mainly a team matter.

The following two games were insane, we played so well, but coming to this first Bo5, I think I could have performed better, especially in the third game, where I did some mistakes that they could easily punish.

We could have played better as a team, but it is true that they showed a brand new face. They only won one game, and then came to this series and overperformed, they played very well.

Why do you think you didn’t perform that well? What would you blame your mistakes for?

I would say that we were kind of lost in the game… we were not focused and committed individual mistakes, that maybe happened because we were not fully conscious about where we were or what situation we are in.

We did mistakes and maybe thought that they would not punish them, it is basically that.

What do you take from your first Worlds experience? Have you learnt anything?

Despite the bad results, my experience has been pretty good. I have enjoyed a lot here, I have played against very different regions… it has been my first time at Worlds, and I did not know how was my region compared with others, and I actually feel that there is not such a big difference.

I always thought that LGD Gaming, the third seed of NA, or the fourth seed of Europe were going to be very good… and they are… but I don’t feel such a difference between us.

I think that the differences are very simple. It is a group of small things and details that make them snowball the games better than us and allow them to punish our mistakes better than we do with theirs.

In our region, we don’t pay attention to these details, we kind of allow some mistakes from our enemies, but here… here everything is punished.

I would say that this experience has been ‘hopeful’, I have realized many things.

Since you have just faced LGD Gaming, what would you recommend to the teams that have to face them soon? How do you win a Chinese fourth seed? What do they have to do/avoid?

Well, I think that some teams like Legacy have no chance against LGD. But if I had to give some advice, I would just say “don’t be afraid, do what you need to do, play what you have prepared, and do it your way, don’t play like assuming that they are better and they are just going to win you”.

A message for the fans?

You guys are amazing, I have been receiving tons of support and beautiful messages. We all have seen it in our social media, and we know that you have been supporting us despite the Latin American schedules.

Thank you very much for your support!

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