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When the North American League of Legends Championship Series started last June 13th, all fans were disappointed with the poor broadcast and chaotic production of the online stream.

Even big personalities like ‘Montecristo‘ complained about it. LCS had almost two months to prepare a good show, and every team invests enormous amounts of money to have a spot and be watched in such an international championship.

To a poor broadcast, we have to add the departure of Jatt and Ovilee, probably the two most charismatic persons in LCS. With it, the North American competition is falling behind in content quality and entertainment.

But that is not the only problem with LCS. The lack of young talents, and the low level of its teams, is creating a big crisis in the Championship’s development.

Not even the most legendary teams of this region are close to what they were in the past. Team Liquid, Cloud9, and TSM are far from their historical pick level and currently is unimaginable to think of them as international contenders.

China’s LPL, Corea’s LCK, and European’s LEC are constantly increasing their teams’ level, and their young talent keeps growing.

A Reddit user, ‘Jesoy’, created a table that compared the average team age in the top 4 League of Legends regions:

League of Legends

LCS is the ‘oldest’ league, the place where old players and forgotten stars play their last professional games, earn their last big salaries, and seek their last opportunity to shine in an international tournament.

This is obviously leading to a critical decrease in the region’s level, which is falling behind in every international ranking. Apart from that, this Summer Split also started after some polemic transfers and departures that make LCS’s current situation even worse.

That is why Riot Games are trying to fix it as soon as possible, starting with the online broadcast. First, they admitted their bad performance at the beginning of the Split:

As we can see in the official site, they also explain what changes are they working on, and their desire to improve all the content, but in the meantime, they also show themselves very proud with the audience statistics and the fact that, for the first time in its history, LCS is going to be profitable.

This may be the reason why their efforts to improve the broadcast have not been enough… at least for Team SoloMid’s AD Carry, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, who yesterday exploded and joined the community’s anger:

The legendary AD Carry complained about the official broadcast, but also compared it with Ovilee’s personal content, admitting that it is far better than Riot Games content for LCS.

Thousands of fans agreed with Doublelift’s hard words, putting LCS in the biggest hurry to fix everything and stop being this ‘clown show’… but the problems will not disappear after that.

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