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The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is a yearly international tournament that brings together the top teams from each league in a battle to hoist the Summoner’s Cup and earn the title of World Champion. The event moves between host regions each year; this year, teams will battle it out on a tour of four cities across South Korea.

Game 1 – Afreeca Freecs (LCK) vs Flash Wolves (LMS)
Pick and Bans:

Afreeca plays clean macro as the slowly bleed out the Flash Wolves for their second win

Afreeca Freecs had a very disappointing first showing at the start of Worlds 2018. The Korean second seed opened the group stage with 1-2. On the opposing side of the rift, the Flash Wolves started with a strong opening of 2-1. In the draft, Afreeca went with a team comp with a lot of semi global ultimates and Kramer on Varus. On the side of the Flash Wolves, it felt as though they spent their draft trying to counter the picks that Afreeca Freecs made.

The early portion of the game, the teams were content to trade farm in the laning phase. We did see that the Flash Wolves bot lane struggled into the Varus and Tahm Kench bot lane. As Kiin reports to the rest of squad that Moojin and Maple are top side, the Freecs answer with a four man dive on the Flash Wolves as Kuro secures first blood on SwordArt. On the reset after the play, the Flash Wolves were able to answer with the Cloud drake. After taking the Rift Herald, the Afreeca Freecs make a proactive play to take first turret in the mid lane. As the game continued, the Freecs used superior macro play to neutralize the Flash Wolves strength at team fighting. This would allow them to slowly bleed out the Wolves as they would lose structure after structure. The game would end a with a team fight that starts in the Flash Wolves red side jungle and ends with Afreeca Freecs taking down three of their members. With the numbers advantage and the pushing power of Varus and Nocturne, the Afreeca Freecs are able to get their second win of Worlds.


Afreeca Freecs: 5/1/17

Kiin: 3 KDA w/ 300 cs
Spirit: 4 KDA w/ 164 cs
Kuro: 5 KDA w/ 308 cs
Kramer: 5 KDA w/ 357
TusiN: 5 KDA w/ 80 cs

Flash Wolves: 1/5/3

Hanabi: 0 KDA w/ 255 cs
Moojin: 1 KDA w/ 134 cs
Maple: 1 KDA w/ 291 cs
Betty: 1 KDA w/ 302 cs
SwordArt: 0.5 KDA w/ 72 cs

Winner: Afreeca Freecs

Game 2 – G2 Esports (EU LCS) vs Phong Vu Buffalo (VN)
Pick and Bans:

After a rocky early game G2 Esports are able to come up with a late game victory

When these teams met in the first half of the round robin, G2 Esports was upset by Phong Vu Buffalo. Phong Vu would progress to go 1-2 in the group while G2 would split first place with the Flash Wolves. In the draft, G2 pick a comp of the power picks in the meta with Aatrox, Akali, Nocturne, and Alistar. Phong Vu Buffalo, on the other hand, had opted into playing their comfort picks. Zeros would get his legendary Jayce and Meliodas on Olaf.

Similar to the first game on the day, both teams seemed to be content to trade farm in lane. First blood would come around the 11 minute mark as Wunder would blow Zeros’ flash and set him up for Perkz on the tower dive. And although Perkz does get the kill, it ends up being a one for one trade as he would die from turret shots. While our eyes are usually drawn to the laners, it was the jungle matchup that proved to be a deciding factor in the early to mid game. Meliodas on Olaf was able to out farm Jankos and would secure two early drakes for Phong Vu with no resistance from G2. Meliodas would also be able to use the Rift Herald in the top lane to secure his squad the first tower of the game and give them a 2K gold lead. As the game continued to the mid game, Naul and Zeros would out lane their opposing laners from G2. This strength and smart macro would allow them to continue to secure tower advantage and two more drakes.

However, as the game progressed to the late game – Perkz on Akali would prove to be too much to handle for the Vietnamese representatives. The combination of Akali’s shroud and high maneuverability would make the G2 mid laner hard to kill and paired with the damage from the rest of his team Phong Vu had a difficult time winning team fights. The G2 solo laners, Perkz and Wunder, would become a point of power who dominated the team fights and allowed G2 to get baron. After a pick onto BigKoro at the 46 minute mark, G2 would barrel down the mid lane and take the nexus and a 3-1 record in the group.


G2 Esports: 23/8/51

Wunder: 15 KDA w/ 431 cs
Jankos: 4 KDA w 179 cs
Perkz: 11 KDA w/ 386 cs
Hjarnan: 8.5 KDA w/ 538 cs
Wadid: 12 KDA w/ 46 cs

Phong Vu Buffalo:

Zeros: 0.75 KDA w/ 416 cs
Meliodas: 3 KDA w/ 278 cs
Naul: 1.25 KDA w/ 388 cs
BigKoro: 0.5 KDA w/ 481 cs
Palette: 1.2 KDA w/ 96 cs

Winner: G2 Esports

Game 3 – Flash Wolves (LMS) vs G2 Esports (EU LCS)
Pick and Bans:

In a long and bloody game, Flash Wolves find revenge on G2 Esports in their rematch

G2 Esports head into their rematch with Flash Wolves coming off a hard fought victory versus Phong Vu Buffalo. Flash Wolves at the start of the day opened with a loss to Afreeca Freecs. If they were to lose this game, it would be very difficult for Flash Wolves to make it out of the group stage. In the draft, G2 Esports go with a unique team composition with Hjarnan on Brand for strong area of effect damage and to shred through the Hanabi on Sion. Where as Flash Wolves went with the most standard composition possible.

Unlike the two previous games on the day, this game immediately opened with action. At the five minute mark, a five on five team fight would open up in the bottom lane that would see Perkz being bursted out and Wunder getting the return kill on Moojin. With the pressure created by Jankos and Perkz, G2 are able to pick up the first drake of the game. The game would continue to be bloody as Jankos and Wadid link up to kill Betty. But the play wouldn’t stop there as Flash Wolves would get two return kills in the bottom lane and then follow it up with another kill on Perkz in the mid lane. The game would continue to be long and bloody, with the most kills in a single game at Worlds this year.


Flash Wolves: 28/18/69

Hanabi: 4.25 KDA w/ 252 cs
Moojin: 5.75 KDA w/ 230 cs
Maple: 5.3 KDA w/ 325 cs
Betty: 5.25 KDA w/ 443 cs
SwordArt: 5 KDA w/ 44 cs

G2 Esports: 18/28/34

Wunder: 1.3 KDA w/ 446 cs
Jankos: 4.3 KDA w/ 215 cs
Perkz: 0.9 KDA w/ 394 cs
Hjarnan: 2.4 KDA w/ 376 cs
Wadid: 1.8 KDA w/ 83 cs

Winner: Flash Wolves

Game 4 – Phong Vu Buffalo (VN) vs Afreeca Freecs (LCK)
Pick and Bans:

Afreeca Freecs continue to show improvement with a win over Phong Vu Buffalo

Phong Vu Buffalo come into this match trying to keep their Quarterfinals dreams alive. Where as Afreeca Freecs are trying to keep their Quarterfinals destiny in their own hands. In the draft, Phong Vu Buffalo went with a 1-3-1 composition with Camille in the top lane and Galio in the mid lane to create side lane pressure. Afreeca answer the Phong Vu comp by putting Jax in the hands of Kiin and having picks like Thresh and Nocturne to be able to start team fights.

In the early game, a gank by Spirit would allow the side of the Freecs to get first blood on the Phong Vu Buffalo top laner and set Kiin ahead in the match. Not content to be outdone by their top laner, Kramer and TusiN would secure a kill on Palette. As Phong Vu made a play on the mid outer turret, the Freecs would lose their tower but get a kill onto Zeros and Meliodas in the resulting team fight. Phong Vu would make out better in the play, however, as they would pick up three kills on the Afreeca Freecs in the same fight. The teams would continue to trade objectives and kills, but the Kiin that was hyped up as a hyper carry before the tournament would make an appearance in this game. His Jax would prove to be too much for Zeros and the Buffalo in the side lane. After the Freecs get a pick onto Palette and Zeros, they would secure the baron. During Afreeca power play – Phong Vu Buffalo would put too many cooldowns into taking down the Jax in the split push and would lose the team fight as the rest of Kiin’s team would join the fight. With four members of the Buffalo taken down, Afreeca would continue their march to Quarters.


Phong Vu Buffalo : 6/12/14

Zeros: 1 KDA w/ 333cs
Meliodas: 3 KDA w/ 158
Naul: 4 KDA w/ 331
BigKoro: 4 KDA w/ 347
Palette: 1 KDA w/ 34

Afreeca Freecss: 12/6/30

Kiin: 6 KDA w/ 374cs
Spirit: 9 KDA w/ 183cs
Kuro: 9 KDA w/ 346
Kramer: 4.5 KDA w/ 346
TusiN: 9 KDA w/ 50cs

Winner: Afreeca Freecs

Game 5 – Flash Wolves (LMS) vs Phong Vu Buffalo (VN)
Pick and Bans:

Phong Vu Buffalo play spoiler to Flash Wolves being able to get first seed in Group A

Despite Phong Vu Buffalo having no chance to make it to the next stage of Worlds, a win against Flash Wolves would allow the victor of the next game to get out as the first seed. Flash Wolves needed this win for a chance to play a tiebreaker match either with G2 Esports or Afreeca Freecs for the first seed. For this game, Phong Vu would sub in their other jungler, XuHao, and would secure Camille for him in the draft. The rest of their comp had side lane pressure with picks like Galio and Aatrox. For the Flash Wolves, they would pick a team that was focused around engaging on the three man unit of Phong Vu Buffalo while Maple on Akali would be in a side lane.

At the start of the game, Maple would swap with Hanabi to the top lane. Unfortunately, Phong Vu would punish this play as XuHao would link up with Zeros for an early gank and secure first blood. Moojin would eventually come top side and help Maple equalize the kill score as they took down the Aatrox. The teams would continue trade blows across the rift with with Phong Vu maintaining a gold lead due to having more towers. But as the game transitioned to the mid game, the Flash Wolves would equalize both in towers and gold and with multiple team fight victories would come out on top in kills. It would be Maple’s Akali that would allow his team to have power in the team fights and it looked like the Flash Wolves would have the victory after they took the mid lane inhibitor. However, the full build Aatrox proved to have too much damage and after two team fights, Phong Vu upset the Flash Wolves and put them out of the running for first seed.


Phong Vu Buffalo : 23/26/60

Zeros: 2.67 KDA w/ 452cs
Meliodas: 3.17 KDA w/ 264cs
Naul: 5 KDA w/ 344cs
BigKoro: 3.4 KDA w/ 381cs
Palette: 2.67 KDA w/ 31cs

Flash Wolves: 26/23/47

Hanabi: 2.2 KDA w/ 244cs
Moojin: 5.67 KDA w/ 190cs
Maple: 3.75 KDA w/ 328cs
Betty: 6 KDA w/ 407cs
SwordArt: 1.5 KDA w/ 87cs

Winner: Phong Vu Buffalo

Game 6 – G2 Esports (EU LCS) vs Afreeca Freecs (LCK)
Pick and Bans:

Afreeca Freecs go 3-0 on the day and secure first seed in Group A

Thanks to the upset by Phong Vu Buffalo over the Flash Wolves, the winner of this game would be given first seed of the group. G2 has been mostly solid from Play-Ins until today in their. Where as Afreeca Freecs started with a weak performance in the first round robin only to look commanding in the second portion of group play. In the draft G2 went with comfort picks down the line, specifically Wunder back on Aatrox and Hjarnan on his Jihn. On the side of the Afreeca Freecs, they opted into a team fight oriented comp with the hopes that the Ryze could counter Aatrox in the top lane.

The game would start with an aggressive dive in the bot lane by the Afreeca Freecs as they would make a four man play to get first blood on Wadid and were able to immediately convert a second kill onto Hjarnan. However, despite having the heads up play, Afreeca would lose out on getting first tower to G2 Esports. After getting first tower, G2 would win a fight in Afreeca’s blue side jungle that would see them getting a kill onto Spirit and converting the play into securing Cloud drake. Afreeca would be proactive enough to secure a kill lead, however it would be G2 who would be up in gold and turrets for most of the mid game. G2 would use their superior map advantage to secure baron but would get routed in the immediate teamfight thereafter as only Wunder would survive. But due to Wunder’s lead on Aatrox, G2 was still able to use their baron power play to secure two inner towers. Unfortunately, G2’s inability to confidently execute team fights in the late would prove to be their downfall as after two team fights wins for the Freecs and a baron take, G2 would see their hopes of coming out of groups as the first seed dissipate.


Afreeca Freecs: 16/6/42

Kiin: 8 KDA w/ 412cs
Spirit: 3.67 KDA w/ 186cs
Kuro: 13 KDA w/ 341cs
Kramer: 15 KDA w/ 431cs
TusiN: 5.5 KDA w/ 59cs

G2 Esports: 6/16/13

Wunder: 13 KDA w/ 408 cs
Jankos: .5 KDA w/ 182 cs
Perkz: 1.67 KDA w/ 411 cs
Hjarnan: 1 KDA w/ 418 cs
Wadid: 1.25 KDA w/ 60 cs

Winner: Flash Wolves

Tiebreaker for Second Place in Group A – Flash Wolves vs G2 Esports
Picks and Bans:

Heimerdinger gets G2 to their first Worlds Knockout Stage appearance

Flash Wolves and G2 Esports started with a 2-1 record in the first round robin. However in the second round robin, both teams get upset and go 1-2. Flash Wolves let the Heimerdinger through because they thought Betty would be able to beat the lane with Mordekaiser. The rest of their comp had a lot of strength in their pick potential. G2 Esports would get a dream team composition of Irelia for Perkz, Aatrox for Wunder, and Alistar on Wadid.

Unfortunately for the Flash Wolves, the Mordekaiser lane did not work out. Hjarnan’s Heimerdinger with the help of Alistar was able to out lane the LMS first seed. But it wasn’t just the bot lane that came of the rails. Hanabi and Maple do a delayed lane swap since Perkz went early magic resist on the Irelia and Ryze can wave clear against the Aatrox push. This decision would prove disastrous for Flash Wolves, as Wunder, Perkz, and Jankos would tower dive the Ryze in the top lane and get first blood. The game would prove to be difficult for the Flash Wolves as G2 and their power picks gave them drake control, neutralizing part of the strategy behind picking a Mordekaiser. With the Flash Wolves down 5K gold, G2 was easily able to take baron and end the game – securing second seed in Group A.


G2 Esports: 12/4/28

Wunder: 5 KDA w/ 328 cs
Jankos: 9 KDA w/ 169 cs
Perkz: 2.5 KDA w/ 375 cs
Hjarnan: 8 KDA w/ 341 cs
Wadid: 8 KDA w/ 52 cs

Flash Wolves: 4/12/12

Hanabi: .75 KDA w/ 282cs
Moojin: 3 KDA w/ 203cs
Maple: 1 KDA w/ 312cs
Betty: 1 KDA w/ 249cs
SwordArt: 1.33 KDA w/ 66cs

Winner: G2 Esports

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