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There’s just two weeks left before the end of the NA LCS regular season, and the league still doesn’t have a clear winner. Even front-running teams don’t have their #1 secured, like G2 Esports did just this past weekend.

Team Liquid are still far and away the best team in the league, but other squads are catching up. Liquid have only dropped one game in all 14 and are still likely to finish first, but nothing’s certain just yet. Cloud9 have been gaining momentum and after a rocky start to the season have now won 9 of their last 10 games. They are now 11-3, just two wins short of tying with Team Liquid.

How the race for #1 will finish over the next two weeks will largely depend on how FlyQuest and TSM perform against the LCS leaders, being their toughest opponents. FQ actually play both C9 and TL and it could be their chance to try and make a run for the top 2.

What makes the last two weekends of LCS even more intriguing is that no teams have been mathematically eliminated yet. Even bottom-table sides such as 100 Thieves and Echo Fox can make the playoffs if they put on good final games. The difference between the last place teams and the cut-off at #6 is just two wins.

So far, only C9 and TL are a lock for the playoffs.

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