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Invictus Gaming needed just one more final win against SK Telecom T1 to set a second Mid-Season Invitational record. After winning the fastest match in international history in 16:01 minutes, iG were looking to also be the first to a 10-0 group stage record at MSI.

Seeing how that 16-minute win was against SKT themselves, most pundits were sure that the 10-0 was imminent. Instead, SKT showed up to play, and it was former LPL jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min who toppled China’s champions.

With an 83% kill participation rate, Clid used iG’s early game weapon against them and set up his own carries for a late-game win. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s Ryze finished the match deathless at 8/0/7, while Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s Lucian finished 3/1/6.

SKT will not only enter the MSI semifinals as the #2 seed, meaning they’re safe from getting picked by iG, but are playing increasingly better. The team is on a four-game win streak, owed largely to Clid’s early game presence. Apart from the 6/2/9 J4, Clid also played a 5/1/8 Lee Sin (81% KPAR) vs. Team Liquid; a 6/0/14 J4 (83% KPAR) vs. Phong Vu Buffalo; and 2/0/9 Vi (68% KPAR) vs. Flash Wolves.

If SKT keep up the trend of having Clid make early game plays, the LCK champions can go from being a shaky group stage team to a serious title contender this MSI.

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