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This weekend, Counter Logic Gaming ended a loss streak against historical rivals Team SoloMid that went as far back as 2016. Before this Saturday, CLG were on a 14-game loss streak against TSM and now the curse is broken.

At the dawn of North American League of Legends, the CLG vs. TSM rivalry was one of the most contested and entertaining ones. Before the loss streak began during week 1 of the 2016 LCS Summer Split, the two teams were 17-14 in series in TSM’s favor. The 2016 Summer Split, however, put TSM on a course of dominance and the most successful team in LCS history won the next three splits and during that period, it gave its old rival no quarter. Even in 2017, when group stage matches were best-of-3, TSM gave very few games to CLG — just two in total — and decided the rivalry fully in their favor.

CLG’s latest win over TSM is not only important because it breaks the loss streak, but because it puts them into serious playoffs contention. With half of the double round robin match-ups now behind them, CLG are 7-3, tied for first place with Cloud9 and Team Liquid. The team was also successful in defeating Liquid in the first half of the round robing, which is a strong argument for a promising playoffs form.

Making the final six would be a nice change of pace for CLG, who missed the playoffs in both 2018 splits. They haven’t made a domestic grand final since 2016 Spring and the farthest they’ve gone was third place in the 2017 Summer Playoffs.

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