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After a very rough and shaky Summer Split, reigning world champions Invictus Gaming are going to Worlds after all to defend their title. Ahead of the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year, Bilibili sat down with iG’s support Wang “Baolan” Liu-Yi to talk which western team he wants to play at Worlds and how he deals with the haters on the internet.

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Bilibili: You qualified for Worlds 2019, which will be your second Worlds. How are you feeling?

Very happy, of course. We accomplished great result last year so all of us look forward to seeing how well we can perform this time.

Bilibili: The team looked pretty shaky after MSI, what do you think was the main reason behind it?

Actually everything went pretty well before MSI. Maybe our disappointing result at MSI put some negative impact on the team’s mentality and we didn’t manage to coup with the hit in time.

Bilibili: How did you handle all the negative comments on the internet when the team was under-performing

For starters, I think for players, especially those who compete in the competitive scene, all praise and criticism they receive are justifiable. If you lose, you deserve all the criticism. If you keep winning and never lose… well that’s not possible. So, in short, it’s just how it should be, I don’t have any special feeling about those comments.

Bilibili: Which EU/NA team do you want to face the most at Worlds?

Among those four EU/NA teams, personally I want to play vs. Team Liquid more, as we lost to them pretty hard at MSI. It took us a while to recover from the loss and we barely made it to Worlds. So I hope we can have a rematch with them at Worlds and perform better this time.

Bilibili: Anything you want to say to your fans and haters?

To the fans: thank you for your continued support, to be honest, I don’t understand why you would support someone like me. I’ve never had an idol so I can’t get it why would people invest emotion or support someone who they’ve never met in life. This makes your support really valuable to me and I’m really grateful.

To the haters? I will try my best Worlds so you will lose your bet.

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