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After news hit that RNG’s top laner Yan “LetMe” Jun-ze would be taking a break from competitive League of Legends, many questioned where the top lane situation was going. Today, RNG announced the signing of Ekko extraordinaire, Shek “AmazingJ” Wai Ho. AmazingJ is a Hong Konger that has most notably played for IMay and Bilibili Gaming, attending Worlds with the former in 2016.

LetMe has been RNG’s top laner since early 2016, often focusing on a team-oriented tank playstyle. Given RNG’s priority on Jian “Uzi” Zi-hao, this was the perfect approach for LetMe and RNG’s success. In a personal Weibo post, LetMe disclosed that he felt dissatisfied with his play and would be taking a break from League of Legends.

As important as LetMe has been, he often has received the ire of fans for being inflexible and unable to play carry champions. While that may be unfair, AmazingJ comes in as a top laner that thrives on carry champions while being serviceable on tanks. Earlier this offseason, AmazingJ stated that he would stream for the Spring Split before deciding what to do in Summer, but this move clearly goes back on that claim. RNG is the winner of two straight domestic splits and seeks to reclaim further glory with AmazingJ in the lineup, after failing to succeed at Demacia Cup.


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