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Week 8 of the LEC locked down the six teams that will take part in the Spring Playoffs and the only thing left to determine is their exact seeding.

After a 2-0 weekend, G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Origen are certain to be in the top 4. G2 (13-3) are currently in the lead, while Fnatic (12-4) and Origen (12-4) are tied at second place. Given week 9’s match-ups, G2 are also likely to keep this top seed. Although the samurai are playing Schalke 04 and Misfits next week — both of whom have beaten the “samurai” this split — the discrepancy in power is very clear nowadays. G2 are on a six-game winning streak and even though Schalke have had a good run the last two weeks, they are still the much worse team. Misfits’ crazy six-game win streak between weeks 2-4 is also a thing of the past and they are on a three-loss cold streak.

That said, if any of these teams upset G2, there’s potential for either of Fnatic or Origen to rob their #1 spot. Fnatic are in for at least one (almost) sure win against Vitality on Saturday, and if they can beat MAD Lions on Friday, they’d be 14-4, contesting the first place. Origen have a bit harder week ahead of them, facing Excel and MAD Lions.

There’s one last caveat to Fnatic’s and Origen’s #1 chances however, and it hinges on G2 having a 0-2 weekend. If all top 3 teams end 14-4, G2 will take first place based on the better match history against Fnatic and Origen.

The remaining three teams — MAD Lions, Misfits, and Rogue — will fight for the last spot in the top 4, hoping to evade a lower bracket start in the playoffs. MAD (10-5) are in the lead, but they have the worst week 9 schedule, playing Fnatic and Origen. Rogue have arguably the best, facing two bottom 4 teams in Schalke and SK Gaming, whom they beat in the first half of the split. Misfits will start the week easy by facing Vitality and will hope to upset G2 on Saturday for a shot at the top 4.

Tiebreaker possibilities:

  • If G2 win at least one game in week 9, they are guaranteed 1st place
  • If G2 go 0-2 and Fnatic and Origen go 2-0, Fnatic will be 1st (more wins in second half of the split), Origen 2nd, and G2 3rd
  • If MAD go 2-0, they are guaranteed top 4
  • If MAD go 0-2 and Misfits and Rogue go 2-0, Rogue will get top 4
  • If MAD, Misfits, and Rogue are all tied 11-7, Rogue will get top 4 (better tiebreaker result against MAD and Misfits)
Image by: Liquipedia
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